Monday, October 18, 2010

Kotobukiya Pays Tribute To Rockman 2

Kotobukiya's hobby shop in Osaka, Japan is featuring a tantalizing display of custom Rockman models, each outfitted to represent the eight weapons from Rockman 2:

Of course, there is a bit of an ulterior motive to this colorful homage; it's a promotion for a series of acrylic paints that work especially well with Kotobukiya's plamo model kits, such as Rockman here.

Pretty spiffy display, wouldn't you say? If I had a spare model on me, I'd like to try whipping one of these up myself!

Source: Kotobukiya blog


  1. This display is a lie.
    Nobody can beat airman.

  2. I've beaten AirMan many times, actually. :/

  3. Hehe.. Rockman 2.. It's like every one is trying to pick on KrazyMonkey!

    And Airman isn't hard to get a perfect on. >.> Just saying.

  4. @Mocho:

    Why is it that whenever the subject of Mega Man 2 and/or Universe is brought up, people look for any given opportunity to tear into him for disliking those game? Like I said before, posting things like that, as well as those stupid "inb4 Krazy Monkey" comments, are just bound to provoke him.

  5. Looks really cool in my opinion. Also like the fact that he put them in robot master select order too. :)

  6. "Get a Wapon"? XD Nice :P

  7. Because Krazy Monkey hates RM2 and despises MM2.

    I personally love RM2 and em very pleased with the fact that MM2 existed because I would never have gotten to play RM2 if there was no MM2.

    Confused, well welcome to America!

    Freakin sweet display here, I wish they would sell these I would pay up to 60$ for a Rockman with MetalMan's power scheme.

    BTW Amir, your lying AirMan is to powerful for anyone!! :P

  8. Everyone can beat Airman with NO STRATEGY AT ALL! Just keep firing, any you'll win. Both on easy and difficult. The infamous song is wrong.

  9. @Amir and Mocho: I get the feeling neither of you guys have listened to this song before.
    Shame on you.

  10. @Roy L.

    Actually it's "Get a Wepon", to be more precise. :p

  11. Wow, people really are retarded, or just suck at the game, if they really think that AirMan can't be beaten. -_-

  12. @JinzoNingenX

    Air Man: 28 HP, 8 AT
    Air Shooter: 4 AT


    Mega Man: 28 HP + 4 E-Tanks
    Plasma Cannon (when used on Air Man): 2 AT on Difficult, 4 on Normal (he's a wuss)
    Leaf Shield (Air Man's weakness): 10 AT on Difficult, 20 (82% of Air Man's total HP O_O) on Normal.


    Only the worsts players can't defeat Air Man on Normal. An average-ish MM player can defeat him, even on Difficult.

    He's a wuss. Now, can we please forget about this ridiculous meme?

    On topic, those models look cool, specially the Leaf Shield one :3

  13. @JinzoNingenX

    Me too! :P When I first played MM2 on MM Anniversay Collection, it was fricking hard as hell! I can't beat AirMan! AirMan was like invicnable, but to some fans of MM2, they managed to beat him, but AirMan will always be unbeatable!

    It's nice to have fans of MegaMan 2 here. Back to the topic in hand, those MegaMan or RockMan models look cool also.

  14. I have to applaud at their marketing.

  15. Bleh, acrylic paint. however, now that I know there is a nice green orange out there, I can make Quint when Blues comes out. Mwuhahahahahaha

  16. @Amir/Mocho

    That's the JOKE. ugh

  17. WOW! You see Jazwares Inc. you can't beat this! Just fire everyone who worked on your cheap ass line of Megaman figures. These just got a touch up of paint and they look even better!
    And people Airman is beatable. I've done it so many times. Maybe its just you who suck at it. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. @Khorosho

    The joke/meme was never good to begin with.

    Just Saiyan.

  19. What? No Item 1/2/3 weapon variant? I always liked those colors.

    For a seasoned MegaMan gamer, no challenge is unbeatable.

    AirMan (2), Copy Megaman (1), Yellow Devil with Mega Buster (1), Shadow Man w/o Top Spin (3), Final Wily w/o E-Tank (7)...

    The true genius of MegaMan games is that even in the face of supreme challenge, you never stop having fun even while getting your butt kicked. You always improve as you go. And if the difficulty is still too much, then congrats... you're a mega-nancy.

  20. @JinxoNingenX:

    You speak as if Krazy Monkey's the only one who doesn't like that game. In fact, I happen to agree with many of the points he's made about that game so far. I, too, think that Mega Man 2/Rockman 2 is overrated belief. I'm not saying the game is terrible or anything, but it definitely isn't as great as people make it out to be.

  21. Wow, those look nice. Wish I had the cash to buy that many models lol

  22. Seeing those MegaMan 2 models bring back memories of me playing MM 2 on Anniversay collection for the PS2. Ah, good times, good times. MegaMan 2 will and always be the greatest and hardest classic game of all time.

    Also, I love how people make songs of certain stages like the world famous Okkusenman and I can't Beat AirMan! I have the male HC, HC Mix and metal versions of the song in my iPod. As the ending message from MegaMan 1 says, Fight on MegaMan! Fight for ever lasting peace! :D

  23. Axem White speaks the truth. Honestly, up until now, I had no intention of even replying to this article. I just love how you people are always so quick to get on my case for thinking Mega Man 2 is overrated, whereas several other people have said the EXACT SAME THING, and it wasn't even given a second glance. It's funny how that works, isn't it?

  24. Because you do it SO much Krazy Monkey it makes you look like a joke, like some sort of thing someone would think up in a straw man fallacy argument.

  25. @Anonymous #5:

    Maybe I have, but recently, I've been making the extra effort NOT to complain about Mega Man 2, but as Axem White has pointed out already, you people are definitely making it harder by saying things to provoke me. I don't know why, but there's just something about all those "inb4 Krazy Monkey" comments that piss me off to no end.

  26. Krazy Monkey is right. MM2 is growing old. While it is a good game, why slander it by trying to recreate it continuously? Its a joke anymore.

    As for the comments, really, provoking people now? We are just a big group of mature members huh?

    As for the paint, I have no beef with it being MM2. It's just colors after all. If we mix the orange from Atomic heat, and the Green from Leaf Shield, we get Slashman's color. YAY COLORS!So the fact that they are making custom rockman paint, is cool to me.

  27. Really, stop bothering krazy monkey you guys look stupid, he is right about mm2.

  28. Sorry KrazyMonkey. It's just so fun to tease you. :3 <3

  29. @VileMKII

    The Megaman community was always filled with whining little brats.

    ...Which is disappointing, since that's actually not far off from the truth. Arguments like this happen all the time.

    Nostalgia Goggles. Nostalgia Goggles everywhere.

  30. "Nostalgia Goggles. Nostalgia Goggles everywhere."


    Frankly, looking at what has been going on regarding how MM2 is treated over the past two years, I'd say that MM2 truly is overrated - in the sense that the nostalgia for it has created an absolutely poisonous environment within the fanbase.

    There's a huge difference between having respect for the classics, and putting it on a pedestal so high the point where anyone that speaks out against it is forever treated as something akin to the anti-Christ.

    It's sad, really. No wonder why the Classic series can't seem to move forward. You know it's ridiculous when whatever Capcom does with the Classic series, from the graphics to the gameplay, is instantly scrutinized with the standards of MM2.

    No wonder the development direction of Mega Man Universe, a game said to be for the fans, seems to be so confused.

    I hope that the fanbase for the Legends series and especially the Network Timeline will never develop into something like this.

  31. One thing that I always found kind of funny about the whole "nostalgia goggles" and overrated-ness with MegaMan 2 is this:

    While many people on here and other Megaman communities will deny this. Nearly all of you never actually played MegaMan 2 when it was first released on the NES. It's just a fact.

    Most of you got into MegaMan around the time when either the X series was new, or for the vast majority, with Battle Network's debut.

    Nearly all of you (just so you know, I'm excluded from this bunch, not trying to brag at all, mind you) played MegaMan 2 and the rest of the Classic series by either emulation (piracy, if you will) or MegaMan Anniversary Collection.

    So honestly, when I see people go "Oh man, I feel nostalgic playing MegaMan 2" or something of the sort, I can't help but chuckle at these kids who are only in their mid-teens at this point, talking about a game that they never played at the time when it was originally released. Mainly because they were never born at the time frame.

    While there are exceptions here, probably, I just had to point this little fact out for the rest of you.

    That is all.
    *Miles Edgeworth bow*

    Oh, and I wonder how many people here are gonna go apeshit over this... *chuckles*

  32. I think it's possible to get a 'nostalgia'ish' feeling even if you never played something as a kid.

    Of course those nostalgic feelings won't be quite the same. I mean, I cried tears of joy when Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts had music from the original BK. But I could never get the same feeling from MM2 or from the titles that reused themes from it.

    But with MM2, I get a feeling of 'respect'. Maybe it was the music or how nice the graphics looked that left me in a daze. But that's just it. It felt 'nostalgic', but it wasn't true nostalgia.

    I think that's what most people feel. That said, I don't go crazy over MM2 or not. I just get certain feelings and joys from watching it, merely watching it.

    *Waits for people to go apeshit with my comment.*

  33. @Amir: I'm just gonna say though I may not have played it when it just came out, I did play it on a NES when I was little, and my mom when she was pregnant of me, so I've always felt this weird ''attachment'' to the music at least, I do feel nostalgia I think, since they say that what moms do during pregnancy affects the kid. I, for some reason, actually started crying as a kid at some moments of the game because I remembered it somehow after growing up a bunch of years, and I felt happy to experience it again. (no, it wasn't the difficulty, I got through that.) Also, it was the first game I ever cleared, and I still play it on Wii/NES today (just not as much with school going on etc).

    Now I'm just wondering why I felt the need to post this. :o

  34. @Amir

    I totally agree with you, these guys were never around when MM2 was the epic everyone says it is.

    Imagine if you will a time when the only other MM game is the first one.

    MM2 is the Mario 3 of the MM games, its the one they got perfect and wasn't able to get perfect again.
    Same thing goes for Sonic3 & knuckles(as the full game)

    Mario has tried to recreate 3 (New super mario Wii) and Sonic has tried to recreate 3&knuckles (Sonic 4). When you do something perfect you try to do it again.

    This is why MM9 and MM10 where like MM2, he was trying to make MM FUN again. Now he wants to do it like the others (3D graphics) and everyone keeps bashing it because "Oh NOES its just a MM2 remake"

    But your all dead wrong, why?
    Because one: MMU is going to be a MM creator, you make the game how you want, its going to be amazing.
    And two: This isn't just a remake of MM2, its going to be a remake of MM2 though WHATEREVER! Inafune has stated already that he wants to recreate the ENTIRE series of Rockman. Don't you guys get it!!!

    He already remade part 1, so lets leave that be.
    Now we are on #2 and MMU first part will be RM2. Now just think the first set of download content will be parts, stages, bosses, and weapons for MM3. Year after that-Download content for MM4 and then the process will continue on like this till MM10.

    So if someone talks highly of MM2 and you don't happen to like that game: Ignore them, because you weren't there for it, you didn't experience it when it was released and you probably played MM8 before you even touched the ANY of the classics from 1 to 6.

  35. @Amir


    Wouldn't it be possible for them for them to play the NES in the late 90's?

    Nostalgia value is still there!

    Yes, I played the NES is the Late 90's, so sue me.

  36. @JinzoNingenX

    As a MegaMan fan, I totally agree with you. The last MegaMan game I brought was MegaMan Zero Collections, look how it got good scores and yet before this started happening, people bitched about how bad it will be, but I think some people didn't play the Zero series back when it first appeared on the GBA. Hell, I got all 4 GBA Zero games and Zero COllection for the DS to show my love to the series. Cause Zero is one of my favoirte MegaMan heroes and I'm glad he got his own series now.

    As for this MM2 feud, I'm staying out of it. But I'm just saying my opioion.

  37. MM2 is the Mario 3 of the MM games, its the one they got perfect and wasn't able to get perfect again.

    Megaman 4 is "more perfect" than MM2 was. Seriously, just compare. Keiji Inafune's favorite is MM2 because he enjoyed creating the characters and the development, NOT FOR THE GAME ITSELF! He said MM4 is one of the best, and he possibly like it because of the game itself! Deal with it.

  38. @zuschzero

    Yeah thats why MM9, MM10, and MMU are all based on the game play of MM4 right?


  39. Personally, I prefered Rockman 4-6 way more than Rockman 2. :/

    They were much better balanced with the weapons (Oh hi Metal Blade, fancy being the weakness for multiple bosses, eh?), more replay value (the extra stuff to find and collect), and brought one of my favorite things, the Charge Shot.

    I especially loved Rockman 6 and 7's Transformations (Power Rockman and Jet Rockman in RM6, Super Rush Adaptor in RM7), they gave the game an extra new way to play them. (Power Rockman run, anyone? :3)

    I think the main reason why RM2 is so popular is because it the "#2" of the series.

    Look at how all the other Capcom games they made, it's almost always the #2 that's more popular than the others. (SFII, RE2, DR2, Onimusha 2, EXE2, etc.)

    Cause honestly, for every "amazing" thing there can be said about RM2, there sure as hell is a flaw that can be listed, too.

    Not trying to bash on it, just pointing this out.

    Though I doubt you guys are going to realize that. *shrugs*

  40. @JinzoNingenX

    Yeah, they based on MM2 thanks to a fallacy.

  41. AirMan was defiantlly fricking hard. It took me 11 tries to actaully beat him. As most others say, he's hard to beat even with Leaf Shield! As people claiming to beaten AirMan many times, don't lie. > : ( I bet it took you many tries to beat AirMan and it must have put some stress and saying I can't beat AirMan! I'll never beat MegaMan 2 cause it's too hard! on you. Well don't panic! As long as you have skill and training, AirMan can be beaten! ;D

  42. I don't recall ever having that much trouble with Air Man. When I first started playing Mega Man 2, the only boss I remember being even remotely challenging, was Crash Man.

  43. @Krazy Monkey

    I see. Well, everyone has thier most challenging boss and it took them many tries to beat them like me and almost everyone else with AirMan. All you had to do is train hard and you'll win! Just my thought and opioion on hard bosses.

  44. Honestly, RM2 was cake compared to EXE Transmission.

    Even as a kid, I didn't have much trouble with the game except for the one Wily Stage boss with the weird turrets that required you to use Crash Bomb to complete it. It was a completely different gameplay mechanic that probably threw off everyone who's ever beaten the game for the first time.

    EXE Transmission, however? Even to this day, it's pretty damn challenging. Especially with a 300HP run, no Armors, and Buster not being allowed to surpass Lv3 on the three stats.

  45. @HeroManX:

    Wait, WHAT?!

    God dammit, that's it!

    Here's my proposition to every half-brained poster that can make a valid and intelligent comment:

    "I can't beat Air Man/Air Man is hard, just like how it says in the song" = TROLLIN

    Mega Man has 28 HP, plus 4 E-Tanks that insta-refill his HP meter. PLUS the possibility of having 10 freaking lives!

    Now, Air Man has ONE LIFE BAR ONLY. He's a wuss, since he loses 2 HP for each buster shot in Difficult (which is standard MM difficulty BTW), and loses TEN HP for each Leaf Shield shot. And you have 9 Leaf Shields available when it's weapon energy meter is full.

    Ok, I know it's a joke, but let's be honest: if it was a GOOD joke, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.

    About the nostalgia factor, let's put it this way:

    Nostalgia = played it as a child (when you were 5-13 years old). It doesn't matter at what decade you played it, the only thing that matters is that you played it as a child. Those childhood memories of ragequitting at Wily Stage 4, or trying to kill Quick Man when you ran out of Time Stopper, or using Item 2 to cross the lava pool in Heat Man's stage.

    Reliving childhood memories = nostalgia.

    At least that's how I see it.

  46. @MusashiAA

    What? What did I do?

    Well, I had to agree you with on MegaMan having E tanks and 28 HP and Buster has 2 Hit power on AirMan and Leaf Shield with 9 hit per WE.

    But AirMan was hard and I keep dying after each try. I didn't even have E Tanks when I reached AirMan's stage. In my opioion AirMan was really hard to defeat.

  47. Christ, why something as simple as Rockman 2 making such rifts in the fanbase?

    The only Rockman series I give a flying shit about are classic and X, and I actively loathe EXE and Dash, and those are popular as hell online. All the same, I don't waste time posting to denigrate them. They're just not my thing.

    Do the same, guys. Haters always gotta hate...


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