Sunday, October 24, 2010

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 News Tidbits

Bit of a quiet weekend so here's a couple small Mega Man-related MvC3 news bites, for those interested..

Producer Ryota Niitsuma has been tweeting all kinds of MvC3 info this weekend. Though much of the tweets center on character deconfirmations, Niitsuma had a few brief words about Mega Man series reps, going on to say "Mega Man fans have to wait a little longer" before the next character unveiling.

He didn't say much more than that, unfortunately -- but hey, further reassurance that Tron won't be the only MM representative. Who could it be? Niitsuma continues to be as tight lipped as ever, but the general consensus from the fanbase is it will be either or classic Mega Man/Zero. We'll just have to wait and see.

Speaking of Tron, the feisty pirate's MvC3 theme song, a new arrangement of "Flutter vs. The Gesellschaft",  has hit the web courtesy of the game's official Japanese website. Event Hubs are currently hosting the song over at their page, so hit them up for the download links.

Thanks for the tips, Jesús!


  1. My bet is CLassic MegaMan since he appeared in MVC 1 and 2. So third time's a charm. ;D

  2. Capcom needs more villans so right now, I'm assuming Sigma would the X representive.

  3. MegaMan Battle Network series appears to have been softly de-confirmed at the NYC Comic-con Marvel panel:

    Check the content window halfway through the page, it has a log of the panel discussion.

    8:02 PLydon: No love for Megaman Battle Network
    8:03 PLydon: But Niitsuma is teasing a representative from the Megaman Universe.

    Cryptic, but definitely not positive for Battle Network.

    I think classic MegaMan or Starforce are the most likely at this point. ZX too, I suppose. Or, some non-MegaMan character from the MegaMan series (Sigma, Wily, whatever). I personally wouldn't mind Starforce, but I don't know if alot of other people would agree...

  4. Flutter vs. Gesselschaft Remix as her theme.

    What happened to the Bonnes' theme in the first game? It was awesome, but no-one ever payed attention to it? It even showed up in the second game as well.

  5. @ Dhylec: Copy-paste from a comment at Shoryuken? I've wanted to say something about this over there, but god is that validation e-mail taking a long time to come.

    Anyways, EXE was not disconfirmed. We thought the EXE series was disconfirmed over the NYCC weekend due to that live blog, until early Sunday morning... Everyone took that live blog statement the wrong way.

    This is what REALLY happened. By god, it just shows how embarrasing the 'grown-up and mature' X fanbase is nowadays. And what really happened with EXE was almost the exact opposite - Niitsuma's statement afterwards might have been hinting at an EXE representative.

  6. Oh, and a quick follow-up since I remembered the video is pretty long:

    The Rockman-related part in that video starts at around 2:30.

  7. Honestly, it basically is narrowing down to either Classic or Shooting Star as the "MegaMan" character to be in it.

    Seeing how Capcom is using a lot of the "most recent" looks for characters (SF4/TvC Ryu, RE5 Chris, at the time DMC3-4 Dante, movie-style Iron Man, Big Time Spiderman for an alt color, PSP Ghouls N Ghosts Arthur, 2009 Rad Spencer, etc.), and Shooting Star is the most recent MegaMan. Not to mention the one shown most often if you look around Capcom websites around the world. (More than half the MegaMan section on USA Capcom store alone is Star Force merchandise, along with the biggest sale they've done yet)

    Sure, the majority of the fanbase believes it not to be so, and will go nuts over these facts. But oh well, I personally wouldn't mind seeing him in it. Especially if his Hypers involved the three Star Breaks from SSR1.

  8. I'm willin' to bet that it'll be Classic Mega Man and Zero. Though Wily or Sigma would be great. :D

    Also, Tron Bonne's theme is cool, but Amaterasu MODOK, and Wolverine's themes are awesome.

  9. And yet, that theme still has a small snippet of Cut Man's theme in it.

    Maybe Cut Man will be the MM rep. >:)

    Oh well. MvsC3 news is a moot point for me, since my favorite character has been de-confirmed already.

  10. o shit... what if it's the "Megaman" from megaman universe......?
    i will cry....

  11. An MvC title without the real Megaman? Sounds incomplete to me. Take comfort in the fact that Capcom doesn't re-re-rerelease MvC titles with minor updates like they do with their Street Fighter games.

  12. @ Alilatias: haha, yes that's a copy/paste of a Shoryuken post. Which I wrote. Don't tell anyone :P
    Besides, I don't think anyone read it there.

    And WOW, you're right. Thanks to that blog post, I completely misinterpreted what really went on. Like you said, the situation is the opposite of what I've been telling people. Thanks so much for this info, I'll go clarify it where I can.

    Yeah, terrible display by the crowd there when Battle Network was mentioned. Really unfortunate. I would have loved to have been there and scream "BATTLE NETWORK IS AWESOME, YOU CLOWNS DIDN'T PLAY IT!". The good news is, we might get a battle network character after all :D That'll show everyone, lol.

  13. The majority of the fanbase, as far as I have seen, wants X in this title. Make it happen, Capcom. You can't deny that particular blue bomber is chance to whoop ass. =(

    Although Sigma WOULD be interesting. I would prefer him as a multi form final boss though. I mean, who better for that spot? Compare his battles and forms from previous VS bosses. Sigma could fit right in!

  14. I know who it's going to be. Capcom is picking characters and Marvel is sending characters based on the popularity. Statistically speaking, I can almost guarantee the next MM character we're going to see is Megaman.exe

  15. Wishful thinking... wishful thinking... I want Megaman X in MvsC3... but Seth Killian took him away from me. It made me sadder... and it also made madder because of him. >:(

  16. i'm the only one who want to see bass (forte) or vile (VAVA) ?

    protoman (blues) would be a good idea too!

  17. Classic Bass for MVC3!!!

  18. Nobody played Ryuusei except for complete Rockman fanatics.

    I know you guys are going to deny, deny, deny this being a Rockman site but go by any fighting game site - SRK, EventHubs, hell is HerV still around? The image of Rockman is classic Megaman to many, X to a few. Anything past that and nobody gives a rat's ass. Hell, people were pissed when Volnutt was announced for TvC, while I'm sure you guys wet yourselves.

    Capcom and Marvel are shooting for recognizable characters - they're almost certainly gonna go classic or maybe get lazy and recycle Zero (popular tier whore pick too, which ups his chances) from TvC.

  19. No one here should really be talking about 'knowing for sure' which Rockman makes it into MvC3. The MvC3 development process seems to be a surprise-filled one.

    1) For the first few months after MvC3's announcment, the demand for X was high. To the X fans, their support alone made them believe that X was going to be in MvC3, to the point where they started being cocky about it.

    X was the first to be disconfirmed.

    2) Some recent interviews with Niitsuma indicate that his development team is putting a little more emphasis on characters that were popular within the past decade, specifically popular characters that did not exist when MvC2 was created.

    3) Niitsuma's development team appears to believe in moveset/gameplay role diversity even more. They want to avoid clones or characters that are potentially too similar in moveset to another. Some of you guys may be wondering why this matters in terms of Rockman representatives, but did you guys know that Niitsuma's team is the same team that developed TvC?

    There was a TvC interview, in which Niitsuma said that Volnutt was chosen over Classic and X because his development team felt that they could do more with Volnutt's moveset.

    Now, what about MvC3? Well, there was a rumor over at Shoryuken forums and Capcom-Unity, in which the rumor claims that Niitsuma said during NYCC that Arthur was supposed to play like Classic Rockman.

    Most of us shook the rumor off after a few days... Until something surfaced today. I quote from Eventhubs' Notes from Niitsuma and Seth:

    "[Arthur] Has a Beat (The robot bird in Megaman) plane[-type] Hyper move which can put out A LOT of fireballs."


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