Monday, October 4, 2010

Kotobukiya Blues Revealed

Capcom Japan's official Rockman homepage and Rockman Unity blog updated this morning with the first images of the 1/10 scale Blues model from Kotobukiya.

According to the sites, Blues will release in January 2011 with a suggested retail price of 3,150 Yen, or roughly $37.80. Much like the Rockman and Roll models, he comes with his own set of accessories including a removable shield and three interchangable faceplates. No mention of what those will look like, but I'm willing to bet one of those includes a Break Man mask!

I anticipate we'll be seeing a flurry of photos of the model in due time as Kotobukiya are known to exhibit their models publicly at retail.

Credits: Facebook peeps, Hurricanager,  The Mega Man Network


  1. My body is ready.

    Also, dat glorious shade of red.

  2. I want this NOW!! now all i need is a bass figure to be happy!

  3. Interesting idea to make his scarf constantly out like that.


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