Sunday, October 31, 2010

Capcom Announces Rockman Sound Event

On December 4, Capcom plans to hold a Rockman Sound Event Roppongi T-Cube Hall, Tokyo. Few details exist at the moment, but according to the event's teaser site, Ippo Yamada, Hally and Seiko Kobuchi will be in attendance, performing before a live audience.

Ippo Yamada is the lead sound producer at IntiCreates, and a veteran musician of many Rockman titles. Hally is a popular chiptune artist in Japan who recently pioneered the development of the Chiptuned Rockman soundtrack, while Seiko Kobuchi previously contributed to the music of various Rockman/X games.

Other special guest appearances are expected as well, and perhaps the event will even play host to the unveiling of a new Rockman soundtrack; speculation, of course. More details are expected to surface on the event's official website.

Credit: SquareEnix Music (via GoNintendo)


  1. A MegaMan/RockMan sound event? Two words... Totally Awesome.

  2. This looks kinda coo~~

    Oh, it's IntiCreates...


    (No offense, but IntiCreates is what single-handedly ruined the franchise, imo)

  3. I vote already for Seiko Kobuchi if it's classic/X, because MMZ and ZX didn't have good musics for me!

  4. I'd rather just watch and listen to this guy, live.


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