Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mega Man Universe Details From NYCC

Yeah, we've had our fair share of Mega Man Legends 3 news from NYCC, but I think it's time we paid some attention to Mega Man Universe...you know, the other game at the show.

Anyway, some interesting new tidbits about the upcoming title have surfaced via 30Ninjas. The batch of details were covered in the site's impression of the playable demo, summarized below:

  • Mega Man X and Zero are possible playable characters. All characters in the game consist of four body parts, so it would be very easy to implement the two.
  • Despite the potential for X and Zero, there are no plans to support other Mega Man series gameplay aspects such as wall kicking, dashing or hovering. 
  • Rush type items may be in the game; the exception to the no hovering rule.
  • Ryu and Arthur (Ghost n' Ghouls) are reconfirmed as being playable, each with their own unique weaponry (Arthur’s lance, Ryu’s hadouken).   
    • You can make your own bosses using a variety of body parts.
    • Capcom will be establishing some sort of algorithm in order to ensure customized stages are both playable and beatable. 
    • Overheard by the author of the post, MMU may support the ability to put custom graphics into the game. The demo featured banners with the Comic-Con logo embedded into stage backgrounds.
    • Players will be able to vote on their favorite user created stages and bosses via a community interface. The best ones will be featured.
    • Capcom is striving to create a "Mega Man game that never gets old." This will be made possible by the imaginations of its players.
     For all the details, read up on 30Ninjas MMU impressions.

    Thanks for the tip, Alastor.


    1. So, they're including Mega Man X and Zero in this game, huh? Interesting. I can't say that I was expecting anything like that, considering what Mega Man Universe was shaping up to be so far. I think there just might be some hope for this game yet. Maybe.

    2. Soooooooooooooo, no mentions about a Story Mode? Weird.

      So this game is just an expansion of MM:PU's Construction Mode mashed with MM2/3? Well, that's a nice mash-up. I like it.

      Let's just hope this is not Capcom pussy-walking the Powered Up series. If they think that we think this game is some sort of replacement for MM:PU2, they're thinking wrong.

    3. Oh now this sounds really cool. I'm liking how this game's shaping up to be.

    4. Yes yes yes! X and Zero are in! Booya! Guess some X fans want the dyanaic duo in MMU.

      X Fans: We want X and Zero in MMU!

      Capcom: Okay, here ya go! n_n

      X Fans: Yaaaayyyyyyy!

      That's what I think they will react. :3

    5. huh...

      this game is already a failure

      where's inticreate ?

    6. Never get old?

      It's already old. I signed off on it as soon as they started including crossovers.

    7. I won't do it because I hate trolls too, but every time I hear mention of MMU I want to comment, "ewwwwwww".

    8. Sounds like something that would rely on the online aspects.

      Well, can't play the game anyway since I lack LIVE and Microsoft Points.

    9. I like how Krazy Monkey and a few other bashers stopped bashing the moment they hinted X and Zero, amusing.

      That aside I am interested in the boss creation aspect even if it does end up being fairly basic.

    10. Bosses, eh? Now we're talking. =D

      *Btw, played this at Comic-Con. Other than the controls being a bit sticky, it was a fun game.

    11. Great, No Spike wall man.

    12. @Anonymous #6:

      Oh, give me a break. I actually managed to say something positive about this game, and I STILL have idiots like you on my back about it?

    13. So since X and Zero are in, any possibility of Volnutt or EXE or Ryusei or ZX?

    14. It is going to be underrated, I bet! THis is getting out of control, man.

    15. It's amusing how quickly "X and Zero are possible playable characters" and "the potential for X and Zero" have mutated into OMG X AND ZERO ARE IN THE GAME!!11!!!1!!1eleventy.

      Don't let your hopes soar too high, folks, until it's actually confirmed.

    16. Hi, is anyone willing to part with a MMU Arthur's Lance from NYCC? I'd like to get one, and can't find one on Ebay. :(

    17. FUCK YES! That means if we are able to make/create X and Zero playable, we can make others as well! I want to make GIR playable in this it's going to be awesome!

      Also, making our own bosses?!? YOKU MAN GET IN HERE!

      Also, I hope they will be able to establish that we will be able to draw 8-bit characters too, as what they teased us with the very 1st trailer. :)

    18. Wait a minute. X and Zero... without dash and wallclimb? What is the point then?

    19. Huh. After Legends 3's announcement and subsequent news, I'm just finding it really hard to give a crap about Universe. I'm trying, but... nope. Not happening. Not even the possibility of X, my favorite character of all time, being in it helps.

    20. "Wait a minute. X and Zero... without dash and wallclimb? What is the point then?"

      THIS. All X is is the original Rockman with vastly superior mobility. Zero's all about using the mobility options in tandem with his weapons. As it is now, X is just a sprite swap of Rockman now, and Zero's probably gonna be the same way.

    21. Your LittleBigWorld. Megaized.

      Just saying! X3

    22. Did this post say we can create our own bosses?!

      MMU is going to be the best MM game ever. Finally my dream of being Dr.Wily comes true!

      I get to build the stage that will Kill MegaMan! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    23. This game is getting ridiculous every minutes. It is going to fail! SIGHING.

    24. Nothing wrong with copying the Little Big Planet design IMO. To me, that's just another genre.

    25. Role -

      Uh, and vastly superior power. Vastly superior everything. The X-Buster is the Mega Buster MARK 17, for fuck's sake. That means X's BASE POWER is seventeen times that of Mega Man's.

    26. So the suggestion of "Maybe X and Zero" would lead one to believe that this is a Classic series only game.

      No. Thanks.

      It's not much of a universe when it's just Classic.

    27. Also, there's something I feel the need to clear up. I never said that I was automatically convinced that this game was going to be good just because X and Zero are probably in it. As far as I know, it may still turn out to be garbage, like I've been saying for the past month. I was just simply saying that there just might be a little bit of hope left for this game.

      My faith in the Classic Mega Man series is already on the line as it is, and if this game actually does turns out to be the piece of crap that I think it is, then I'm just going to give up on the series altogether. I'm talking about future installments, of course. If/When that time comes, I'll just play the previous games in memory of how good it used to be.

    28. X and zero really? I doubt we will get a playable Bass and Blues.

    29. Sounds cool, I guess. I am hoping that other Megamans are also in this game as well.

      Mostly hoping to see some Volnutt and SSR, but meh, that's just me. :/

      Off-Topic: my Word Verification says "Chowme" XDDDD

    30. Once MMU comes out, I will probrally created the most hardest, heinest badassiest level ever with some traps at every corner, enenmeis whereever you go and make power ups hard to reach, and I will probarlly create the most hardest boss since Xioan or whatever his name isof KH2 and I will watch with amzumemnet as the so called heroes try to beat my level and boss! MUHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH BAWHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!! > : D


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