Monday, October 11, 2010

Mega Man Legends 3 Teaser Trailer (No Gameplay)

For those who weren't there in person, YouTuber icehawk1011 recorded a good chunk of the Mega Man portion from Capcom's Comic Con panel the other day, which includes footage of the special Mega Man Legends 3 teaser trailer.  Please, bear in mind: there is no gameplay. It's merely a brief announcement trailer to get you hyped up. Despite being rather short, it's worth a watch for the audience's reaction alone.

Gotta love the guy that got the last laugh.

Thanks for tip, anon!


  1. I love the audience at the ending. “Ohh... :(” That's awesome. That's a nice little teaser.

  2. I donno if i should call that a teaser since it doesn't show anything related to Dash 3. And is it me or every rockman game from now on will be called "Megaman" in japan and outer country's, this situation saddens me ._..

  3. They're calling it Rockman DASH 3 in Japan, don't worry.

  4. That's exactly the music I had in mind when I heard the official announcement. :D

  5. I guess people thought it would be bloody and gory, hence why they were disappointed that it's got the same ESRB rating as every other Mega Man game to date.


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