Friday, October 1, 2010

Mega Man Universe Playable At Brooklyn Library Next Week

New Yorker? Mega Man fan? Then you might want to head on down to the Brooklyn Public Library on October 7 to get your hands on Mega Man Universe. An official Capcom event, lasting from 3-5PM, will play host to the first publicly available Mega Man Universe demo as well as several other Capcom games. What's more, the company also plans on holding a presentation about the game followed by a Q&A session with Capcom staff.

Tickets to the event will be distributed earlier in the afternoon at 2PM in the Central Youth Wing at the Brooklyn Library, limited to 180 guests. It's a first come first serve deal so you better get there quick if you'd like to participate.

Full event details can be found over at Capcom Unity. If you're going, be sure to post send me some impressions of the game!


  1. I still have little hope for this game, so as always, I'll be expecting the worst from it. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.

  2. In before BAW... wait already? Damn I'm slow this time!

  3. Lmao! @ Anon #1

    I hope you get proven wrong Krazy Monkey.

    On another note, I remember hearing a Spark Man remix for one of the videos awhile back. I'm just hoping it won't be limited to Rockman 2. If there is gonna be DLC, then no ty.

  4. Um.....random choice of for me! =D

  5. @Anonymous #1:

    Hardy har har. That was so funny, I forgot to laugh.

    @Anonymous #2:

    I highly doubt that I will.

    ^ Everything I've been saying about this game for the past month has already been confirmed right there, in that article. Going by that, I have very little reason to expect anything good to come out of Mega Man Universe. In fact, I'd say this game is an even bigger kick in the nuts than Mega Man 9 was.

    Oh, well. Whatever. That's all I have to say on the matter for now. I'll wait until next week before I say anything more. Also, what's the deal with you people, anyway? You all act as if it's some kind of unspeakable crime to have a negative opinion about something around here. If people are allowed to express their excitement as many times as they'd like, why shouldn't I, or anyone else, for that matter, be allowed to express disappointment?

  6. @Krazy Monkey: Because it gets redundant. We get where you're coming from already, but you keep dragging it on and on as if you're just seeking attention. Excitement adds to the collective POSITIVE energy of the community, which is a good thing. Whining all the time and reiterating the same complaints time and again brings in NEGATIVE energy, makes you look like a spoiled child, and gives the fanbase a bad name. Not that you don't have a right to express anything negative, but it would be much nicer around here if people stopped complaining so much.

  7. If you don't like then why bother following it? Much less COMING BACK to the comment of a game you ADMIT YOUR DO NOT LIKE to argue about it?

    Seems like you could spend your time more constructively!

  8. @Anon who's arguing to KrazyMonkey:

    Pfft, I laugh at this shit you're trying to say.

    People like you are the same fucking people who bitched so hard about ZX, SSR, EXE and DASH to the point that Capcom basically discontinued those series (well now DASH is finally getting it's needed sequel, but God knows how much you people are bitching over it, still).

    So who are you to say "Don't complain about MMU"?

  9. @Amir: Um, excuse me? That was an incredibly myopic way to look at what I said. Wherein did I ever make mention of my endorsement of whining and moaning about other Mega Man series? All you did was generalize and make empty assumptions, given I have not exemplified any of the points you made in your feeble attempt to deride me. What are you getting at?

  10. Amir, I think you're dazed and confused. If anything, it's (generally) the people that complain about THIS game that have also complained about those games/series that you mentioned.

  11. @Anonymous:

    I'm not doing this to gain attention. In fact, I wanted the exact opposite. I just wish that for once, I could speak my mind about something without having people on my back about it.

  12. Wait, this game is still coming out?

    Sorry, it's become such an unimportant afterthought in the wake of Legends 3's announcement that I forgot. :)

  13. If I lived in Isshu, er, I mean New York, I would go there, but I rather wait.....

  14. I'm only about an hour away so I'll be there. Any fans in New York want to come with me? And also the comic con the next day? I'd love to record some game-play footage.


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