Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here's The Rocket That Will Rescue Volnutt

Thought this was rather cute:

"We need the help of everyone to make the rocket to go save Mega Man!", uttered Keiji Inafune to a crowd of passionate Legends fans at Comic Con on Sunday, while blueprints for the ship were displayed before the audience.

His words are not only synonymous with Legends 2's cliffhanger ending -- wherein Mega Man Volnutt is left stranded on the surface of Elysium  -- but also resonate as a profound message to the fanbase; a call to duty to make Legends 3 the very best it can be, with the rocket standing as a symbol of unity -- the eventual culmination of ideas pooled together from fans around the world to form L3.

Help is on the way, blue boy!

[via Rockman Unity]


  1. You know for a ten year cliffhanger just using a rocket is a pretty damn poor way of solving it.

  2. By now, Volnutt probably has lost his mind, grown a beard, and his beat friend is a soccer ball named Wilson.

  3. I really can't wait for this game to finally be released.

    Or, at least, see some full on game play. XD

  4. I'm a fan of symbolism.

    I approve of this.

  5. @Amir

    Or it could take another year or so. Capcom needs to take time to please its fans. I remember Nintendo getting prepare for Smash Bros Brawl with Sonic.

    But... I feel if it does take too long to finish it, Capcom may decide to can it, I mean, I waited for the PSP version of MegaMan Legends to come out in North America, NA fans really wanted it, but stress got to Capcom and they decided to can it. So don't get your hopes up.

  6. Re:Anonymous ["You know for a ten year cliffhanger just using a rocket is a pretty damn poor way of solving it."]

    Is it even really a cliffhanger, if they told you it was going to be a rocket at the end of Legends 2? People make much too big a deal out of Legends 2's ending. We've known how MegaMan's getting back for ten years. <.<

  7. That's almost the same rocket that was seen at the end of DASH 2! Maybe the that one was a prototype. O:

  8. Other than that, I can't wait for MML3 to come out for the 3DS. Something tells me 3 will be the last in the MML series, I mean, i think all the mysteries are solved in Legends 2, but Roll Casket is not reunited with her mother and no one knows what happens to her dad. Hopefully, Legends 3 will resolve that.

  9. @HeroManX:

    I've been lurking here for a while, and I just gotta say it.

    Why do you specifically put all your comments as responses to the guy Amir? Do you know how weird that looks? It's like the only way you'll post on here is if he's posted first so you can try to one-up or go "Yeah well, I say this!" to him or something.

    Topic-wise, can't wait for Legends 3. It's gonna be awesome and well worth it for the 3DS.

  10. @ HeroManX


    @ Everyone else

    I think Inafune and gang (Capcom) are going to run an international "Engine Design" contest or something of the sort.. as well as a boss design contest. Remember guys, I CALLED IT.

  11. @GoldFighter

    Sorry about that... I have my opioions and debates and I don't want to cause trouble. So I have a right to say what I say, call it wierd if you like, but I have my opioions and I have a right to say them.

    I don't wanna cause some trouble.

  12. That is a meaningful, emotional way to put it. It really does seem synonymous and I like it. No matter how expensive this game will be to create or purchase, it will be priceless in the amount of enthusiasm and love from both the development team and fans. =)

    HOWEVER, It would be easy to assume that they returned safely by rocket already. Thats another way I figured it. But how about this? Why not, for the first little bit of the game, have the player play as Tron or Roll in the gameplay style of Misadventures of Tron Bonne, gathering Zenny, Treasure and Resources in order to build the perfect ship to transport our stranded friends on Terra? (Then after that, MegaMan takes the helm, of course.)

  13. @GoldFighter

    You know what? Forget what I said. I'm glad MML3 is gonna be on the 3DS and Volnut/Trigger will finally return back to Earth or Terra.

    I wonder what new adventures await him?

  14. http://gonintendo.com/viewstory.php?id=139012

  15. If both Tron and Roll were working on it, it's probably a mix of shiny new stuff and recycled junk. Might fall apart on re-entry... Probably a good start to the game.

  16. @Goldfighter

    Good job, now you have HeroManX on YOUR tail..

  17. @Omar

    Hawdy haw haw... It's so funny I forgot to laugh.

    If you don't have something nice to say about me, don't say anything.

    Look, I'm just a guy who loves video games and MegaMan like any fan would, but I don't want to cause any trouble due to my continuing bouts with a certain someone that that starts with a A and ends with a R. I don;t want to cause any trouble.

    So again, if you don't have something nice to say, then shut up about it. Good day.

  18. Anyone read the article where Keiji said he basically hates his job and can't wait to retire?

  19. @HeroManX:

    For someone who keeps saying you don't want to "Start fights with Amir" you are downright obsessed with talking about him and responding to him.

    You're a hypocrite in every sense of the word, dude.

  20. @Nigoil

    I get it, alright?! I'm done with that moron. I will not start any more fights with him. If Amir said I'm gonna fight with him again, I will prove him wrong and I am no longer obessed with him, okay?

    I will stay true to my word of not talking to him anymore.

    Sorry if I sounded harsh.

  21. @HeroManX:

    Dude, that's bullshit and everyone who knows you would know it.

    I'm willing to bet on that if he were to comment on something, you're going to specifically respond to his message or talk about him.

    Dude, it's not just here, it's a LOT of places you go to. And not just because of your incidents with him, you're relatively well known on quite a few Megaman forums. All of them would testify that you and lying go hand in hand.

  22. @HeroManX:

    Funny how you're calling him a moron, yet from the comments posted on this blog, he does nothing wrong to you at all. It's always you who starts the problems with him.

  23. @Nigiol

    I am really am sorry, ok?

    But you have no idea what pain he caused me in the past before I came here... No idea at all...

    But I'm letting the past go and will not spam this blog with my continuing fueds with him.

  24. @ColgateMAX

    Why are you butting in to people's convo? He isn't talking to you or to Amir. So I don't see why you are butting in.

    @ everyone
    As for the rocket rescuing him... I do think that it may happen in MML3 and it may even will sove the MML series mysteries.

  25. No need for a rocket. As Data said, it's really simple:

    Data will probably be the key to his return. He was in front of Sera's room and later appears in Earth. How he returned? My guess is that Data used the transport Gatz "merged" with, which he left to help Mega and Data used to return, but probably broke it during the return. Tron and Roll repair it, transforming it into a powerful rocket.

    Or make the Flutter go to space like Namco x Cacpom!

  26. @ HeroManX

    I like you, man. You're really ballsy.

    Tell you what; I'm cool with you. I don't care what you have to say, pos or neg. Hell, I'd feel absolutely compelled to respond to a dude with the name Amir any day, just because his name is kind of cool. Who typically knows an Amir in real life? Granted, I know someone with the name "Omar"; me. It feels pretty good to know that I'm part Syrian and I have an atypical name. Sometimes I wake up on the rug and I'm like "....fuck, my name is Omar. That's a cool fucking name, and exotic to boot. No wonder girls like my dick."

    So yeah, looking forward to MML3. On an unrelated note, my word verification word is "parnatio" today.

  27. ......Protodude, you need to moderate better :P

    Please don't let the comments space here become "Teen Drama Island"

  28. Rockman DASH 3: Teen Drama 5 Islands Adventure


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