Monday, October 11, 2010

MM9 And MM10 Still Have Undiscovered Secrets

Shortly after the release of Mega Man 9, as die hard fans began to discover a batch of secrets and easter-eggs, Capcom's Seth Killian began to tease fans with a hidden nugget in the game -- a secret that remains undiscovered till this day.

Knowledge of the secret has apparently been passed down from Mr. Killian to community manager Joveth Gonzales and, like his predecessor before him, continues the tradition of keeping it in under wraps, even from the press:

"While demoing the upcoming downloadable title "Mega Man Universe" Joveth confirmed that he knows what the "Mega Man 9" secret that has spawned numerous threads all over the internet (including an 88 page discussion via the Ask Capcom forum) is, and that it is, in fact, still at large. He also coyly added "there's a reason that people haven't found it yet." Apparently, Seth bestowing the knowledge upon him was part of his initiation as Community Manager, where he joined the ranks of, by his best guess, two other people who probably know what is still hidden. "

What's more, Joveth also let loose that Mega Man 10 has an ominous secret of its own that, like Mega Man 9, has yet to be discovered:

"When I asked if anything was hidden in "Mega Man 10" a look of concern overtook Joveth's face, and he attempted to brush off the question. However, it very quickly became apparent that whatever is still hidden in "Mega Man 9" has a counterpart in "Mega Man 10." In fact, as I pressed the issue, Joveth actually confirmed that there is something hidden in "MM10" and that the two secrets are, in fact, related to one another."

And thus the hunt continues, possibly with a reignited sense of duty. Keep at it, friends. And go bother Joveth.

Source: MTV Multiplayer


  1. I bet the secret is Harpuia. *shot*

  2. I wonder if there's an Energy Balancer hidden in a stage, like there was in 6 and 7?

    Ah, well. I've beaten the tar out of both games, so it's not a major concern.

  3. If the secret is really compatibility with Megaman Universe, I'm gonna scream.

  4. Honestly, I couldn't care less. I've given up trying to find Mega Man 9's secret two years ago, once I found out that it had nothing to do with Bass being an unlockable character.

  5. Yeah, the secret must have something to do with Mega Man Universe.

  6. Capcom and their secret easter eggs!

    I wonder when someone will discover it or get fed up and try to hack the game to figure it out.

  7. This thing is still alive and discussed?

    As far as I'm concerned, this whole secret deal is just a way to keep the interest in MM9 alive.

    So NOW there's a secret in MM10, huh?

    ...yeah right, and Mario is a secret playable character in Luigi's Mansion, too.

    Can't someone just hack the damn thing and find this "secret" so we can't shut that mouth of J-I MEAN move on?

  8. What the fuck, another secret?
    Those secrets can only be solved by Professor Layton.
    But, the fact that they´re related gives me the idea of that having the save states of Megaman 9/10, unlocks parts of the Robots Masters of those games in Megaman Universe.

  9. If there's a "reason" no one's found it yet, maybe the secret(s) really is/are compatibility with Mega Man Universe.

    If so... UGH. I hope not. We'll see, I guess.

  10. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit just to get people to buy the game and possibly all the DLC in hopes of finding it. -_-

  11. It's already said that it has something to do with the DLC.

  12. At this point I'm starting to believe it's something as subtle as a comment line within the game's code or something. Something you don't (or can't?) pay attention to.

    It can't be graphical stuff from what I know. That's for sure since the game's been hacked all over.

    And if this secret has something to do with Universe (like how Role said), that would be pretty cool.

  13. The secret is "The Shadow"?

  14. @Amir

    That's because of the growing populatly of MegaMan 9. Who knows? Maybe some people will find this secret and tell everyone about it rather than whine about it.

    Hell, I got MM9 and I may be the one who will find the sceret someday. Who knows? *Shurgs* Also, I'm planning on getting MM10 once I get my PS3's internet back up. Cause from what I hear, MM10 is also pretty popoular. :D

  15. Part 2.

    MM9 and MM10 got good standings over time, no wonder Capcom decided to put secrets in those two games. n_n For all those MM9 and MM10 fans out there, keep on searching for those secrets!

  16. I have gone to the theroy that the MM9 Secret is nearly a trick made up by Seth just to deliberatly torture us.....

    .....Just give up people, the MM9 secret is a joke!!!!!

  17. Secret of Mega Man 9 is that the artwork used for the title screen appeared in the "Upon a star" OVA 15 years prior.

    See screenshot.

  18. I'd be willing to bet that it is to the effect of the MM7 Ghost 'N Goblins tune in Shade Man's stage. That kinda fits in with the whole idea that it's related to MMU, right?

  19. The Local Grammar NaziOctober 11, 2010 at 4:25 PM

    Sorry Protodude, but, you used "allude" wrong. Allude means to refer or hint. I think the word you meant to use was "elude," meaning "to avoid" or "hide."
    Unless you mean that these people are still "alluding to" the secrets in question.

  20. Grammer Nazi, you've saved me again.

  21. @everyone

    Taking all bets, guys! Taking all bets on what the sceret is! :D

  22. Upon the suggestion of a another fellow grammar nazi, I went ahead and changed the title all together. Sounds much nice.

  23. I'm not gonna take part in the bet.

    I don't really see the point, considering it's just a marketing stunt to get more sales. :/

    It's like trying to debate whether Sonic was in Melee, after people have debugged the game 100%.

  24. @Amir

    *Shakes head*

    Okay, but there are some fans that really want to know what the secret is... And it's not a stunt.

    @Anyone who can find the secret

    Don't give up people! That secret is ought to be in MM9 and 10 somehwere! So don't listen to some people say about it being a waste of time!

    (Best prep talk ever! :3)

    And LOL at eardig.

  25. 9 and 10 have already been hacked. Some unused sprites of enemies were uncovered in 9. Though they have anything to do with the secrets or not is beyond me.

    Just saying.

  26. marketing ploy. that's it, and that's all it is. it seemed fishy before, but now with the way they "announced" a mega man 10 secret remains hidden, it just seems like a way to boost sales. now i'm at the point that i beleive seth, just to shake a theory like mine, would poke arround for a then recent theory, and claim that was it.

    bullcrap thought up to boost sales. and if keiji is in on it, then i'm completely ashamed of crapcom.

  27. Mm. Smell that? That ripe smell in the air... *sniff sniff* Smells like...bull$*@&. However...

    > Role said...
    If the secret is really compatibility with Megaman Universe, I'm gonna scream.

    I am totally with you on that one. Then I'll probably laugh a lot. It's entirely possible Capcom had been planning Mega Man Universe since 2008 or earlier, so that's a possibility.

  28. Good find, anonymous!
    The infamous secret could very well be that!

    ( posting the link again, for skimmers: )

  29. It could be something very simple, like the birds replacing stars in the boss introduction from MM2 and the color changes from four stages in MM6, or even simpler like anon 5 pointed.

  30. The person who discovered that connection to Mega Man OVA is an example of what we might be looking for. It might be an image, stage, enemy, music, that might reference or be a call back to something.

    I believe there is something and check out the article from the Mega Man Network site where they found an interesting tidbit about Wily's Castle and the mysterious "pipe":

    Seth mentioned that it has something to do with the MM9 DLC.

  31. i just dont have enough wii could fly out the window!! even pink kitty rose finished the mr. perfect challenge thing and nothing. and you KNOW that when someone finds it its going to be something very stupid and he/she will find it by mistake. its gonna be funny, i feel it.


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