Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Look At Kotobukiya Roll, Blues Models

These two galleries managed to bypass my radar the other day, so forgive the late posting. Amiami's blog has posted a plethora of photos of the Kotobukiya Blues model, while Moeyo has an up close (and somewhat revealing) look at the Roll model in her 'classic' attire. I've compiled a few select images from both galleries below.

Blues (Proto Man) - January 2011 release

Roll - late December release

More Roll images available here. Beware, there's a few "up skirt shots" in addition to other NSFW content throughout the site.

Thanks for the tip, Protoman!


  1. That last picture is disturbing. Roll looks like she's going to kick your arse, but you can't defend yourself due to having to stare into those SOULESS EYES.

  2. I ordered 3 of these Roll Kotobukiya figures! To go with my 3 Kotobukiya RockMan figures (which were delivered last week)! When the Protomans are available for preorder, I'll get 3 as well!

    Then, on to the Bandai X figures!

  3. Whoa, nevermind my last post - this Protoman figure's already up for preorder! :D

    Haha, AmiAmi's called him "Bruce" instead of Blues.

    Already preordered 3!

  4. Where would you recommend buying the Megaman Model from? I don't have any experience purchasing from overseas. Amiami seemed like the cheapest. I found an American site where they were being sold for about $48 including s/h. Kinda expensive, anyone know where I can buy it cheaper?

  5. I made a price guide a little while back; might help you:


    Some are import shops, others are domestic.

  6. I seriously need to get one of those Roll figures at some point...

  7. Because, upskirt shots are NFSW when all you see are frills on the skirt and DEM JOINTS.

    Rest of the site is rather questionable, though.

  8. OMG I haven't ordered him yet!
    nooooo HobbySearch is down for maintenance, I'll have to wait a bit.
    I like purchasing from HobbySearch for some reason. Amiami doesn't seem to combine my orders ..or maybe because I'm doing something wrong.

    I hope they make a Bass/Forte figure too!


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