Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rumor: Classic Mega Man In Marvel vs. Capcom 3? (UPDATE)

So this image has been making rounds:

Artwork of several unannounced MvC3 characters, including classic Mega Man, were spotted sometime yesterday at Comic Con. The images originated at but were pulled from the site shortly. So... yeah, that pretty says a lot.

It's speculated these characters will be officially confirmed by Capcom in an event tomorrow but we've gotten no official word if this is the case. Still, it's something to watch out for.


UPDATE: The legitimacy of the photos are now in question. Many readers have pointed out the artwork featured in the photos belongs to the Udon art from the recent Marvel vs. Capcom 2 re-release.

Don't get your hopes up :/

Credit: Jimbo via TMMN


  1. Well, it's not like this would be the first time now, would it?

  2. I don't know what to think about this.

    The photos floating around are all from a promotional image made for MvC2's re-release on XBL/PSN. It shows Mega Man, Jill, Strider, Zangief, and M. Bison... All likely candidates, but if we really are getting these confirmations soon (on top of the Spencer/Arthur/Magneto/MODOK confirmation we JUST got), that's a helluva lot of confirmations all at once, especially considering we have to get 5 more Marvel reps to go along with the 5 Capcom characters. 14 characters confirmed in a weekend? Doubt it.

    I'll let this play out... But even if these are true, I doubt we're going to get official Capcom announcements anytime soon.

    What I find more interesting is that the live blog confirmed that no characters from EXE are in.

  3. Good eye, Steven. I just noticed that myself. Hm..

  4. The photos have been making the rounds all over the internet yesterday. There's no doubt that they're real, but whether or not they actually mean anything is a different story.

    Classic Rockman is pretty much a shoo-in at this point though, assuming that EXE series disconfirmation actually did happen. I'm finding it curious now how only one live blog picked up on the supposed EXE disconfirmation, because the usual fighting game sites (Shoryuken, Eventhumbs) have not mentioned it at all.

  5. That MegaMan and Jill art is exactly like the MvC2 re-release artwork.

    Check here:

    People are also seeing Zangief and Bison artwork around the booth, which looks exactly like the MvC2 art above. I don't think it should be taken as anything.

    Now that de-confirmation from the live blog.. I'd definitey want to know about that.

  6. These aren't doctored photos. These photos really do surround the barricade for MvC3. Here are more photos showing off Mega Man, Jill, Zangief, M. Bison, and Strider, all their MvC2 art.

    Why unconfirmed characters for MvC3 are sitting around the barricade is beyond me. They could have easily used MvC2 art for characters that ARE confirmed in MvC3...

  7. For those wondering about the EXE disconfirmation:

    Towards the end.

    This is the live blog that mentions, "No love for Megaman Battle Network" and immediately follows up with, "But Niitsuma is teasing a representative from the Mega Man Universe."

  8. I hate how Udon (and Omar Dogan) draw MegaMan, at least in his classic forme. It's ugly.

  9. Why'd they circle M. Bison? he's not in the photo.

  10. I wont be getting my hopes up. Especially if MegaMan looks like THAT. I want X, the world wants X. But let's consider something else. I dont see how there is a set limit here. 5 more from each side? Are we considering the "leaked list"? If I remember correctly, MODOK wasnt in the list, so at this point, anything is possible.

  11. PS: Want Strider too...hell, want new Strider GAME! MvC3? Legends 3? He deserves a Strider 3, especially with Hack n Slash games really on the rise. =D

  12. @ October 9, 2010 3:03 PM Anon:

    There was a second picture containing M. Bison and Mike Haggar (or I think it was Mike Haggar).

    @ MegaMac:

    Almost everyone is expecting 40-44 characters in the final roster now.

    It used to be 36, until kensk (the guy who leaked the SSF4 roster in advance) and a few interviews afterwards pushed the number higher.

  13. @Alilatias

    It was Zangief not Haggar.

    Anyways these being around the show room could easily have been a mistake and where supposed to go near something advertising the MvC 2 re-release. The people who set these things up are human after all and can make mistakes.

  14. @ Omar: Has Omar Dogan ever drawn Megaman? :O
    But yeah, I agree that this Megaman is hideous, though I think someone said that Capcom of America wanted it like that =/


  16. @Alilatias

    Hey, do you also have some info that Starforce MegaMan won't make it into MVC3? Cause I can see some Starforce fanboys bitching about Starforce MegaMan not making it into MVC3 since Starforce MegaMan has a extremely low chance of making it into MVC3... -_-!

  17. @ HeromanX: Practically no one is taking Star Force seriously in terms of his chances in MvC3.

    I'm not taking him seriously either; If EXE couldn't make it based on the fact that he's been the series pioneer this past decade, what are Star Force's chances now that the only other Rockman left is a veteran like Classic?

  18. So it turns out that EXE disconfirmation never happened. It was misinterepretation from the live blog.

    It was just an unruly crowd of Classic and X fans heckling an EXE fan when he asked Niitsuma about the possiblity of an EXE rep.


  19. We gotta be completely honest here, though.

    The only Rockmen left are Classic, SS Rockman, or a ZX rep. (Though chances on the latter are the most slim)

    I'm not trying to sound like an SSRockman fanboy of any sort, but I can really see it happening now.

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  21. @Amir

    Uh... Hate to burst your bubble, but from what I heard, Star Force MegaMan has a really, really, really low chance of making it into MVC3 due to its low populaitry.

    So why do you keep saying Star Force MegaMan is gonna be in MVC3 once they comfirmed him? Atataliasis said that Star Force is the worst in the MegaMan universe. I loved Star Force, hell, got all three games, but Atiliasia speaks the truth about Star Force sucking and SFMM not gonna make it into MVC3... It's sad, really...

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Amir, HeroMan -- we're not getting into this.

    Please refrain from personal attacks. You're free to debate, but watch what you say to each other.

  24. @Protodude

    I'm sorry, Protodude. I didn't want to cause any trouble on your blog. *Rubs head nervously*

  25. I gotta agree with Amir, there really isn't any reason to deny the chance that Star Force MegaMan could be in Marvel VS Capcom 3. Him and Classic Mega are the only ones left, and Capcom is using all the recent versions of their characters for MVC.

    Well, besides the Twilight-looking Dante.


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