Thursday, October 21, 2010

Megafy Your Walls With Mega Man Decals

Want your home office or bedroom to have a Mega Man inspired backdrop? Blik, makers of high quality wall decals, have partnered with Capcom to bring retro adhesive fun with a slew of officially licensed Mega Man decorative stickers.

The decal set, now on sale directly through Blik, consists of twenty five pieces which include 8-bit renditions of Mega Man, the MM1 Robot Masters, a variety of "effects" (explosions, projectiles) and even a full blown health bar. 

At $50, the set certainly isn't on the cheap side, but there is a little compensation: the first ten customers will recieve a Mega Man 10 Xbox 360 download code for free, courtesy of Capcom and Blik. Not too bad of a deal and, best of all, the decals literally went on sale an hour ago so there's a good chance the codes are still up for grabs.

Purchase your set here!


  1. Finally, it's RM/MM1, not RM2.

    These look really nice, though I dunno if they'd work well in my room, unfortunately.


    Honestly, I actually liked RM1 more than RM2.

    No, you can shut the fuck up before you post that message. It's my opinion, and if you don't like it, you can grow a pair and just accept that not everyone has to share the same tastes as you do.

    And while I'm at it:

    I liked Zelda - Twilight Princess over Ocarina of Time, Street Fighter IV over Street Fighter II, Rockman EXE4 over EXE2 or 6, BlazBlue - Calamity Trigger over Continuum Shift, and Super Dragon Ball Z over the Budokai games.

    Yeah, I wonder if this comment is even going to be posted/approved in the first place. :/

  2. I don't see that it says anything about the MM10 code anywhere on either Unity or the Blik site.
    I guess the first 10 already sold out?

    btw, EXE4 > EXE6 is just nuts...

  3. jesus christ amir, bigdog much?

  4. @Amir: Hey, as long as you don't try to hammer it into my head, I'm cool.

    Anyways, I'd love these, but like Amir, I don't think they'd work well with my walls. :(

  5. @amir hahahaha, you had me for a second. good troll, bro.

  6. I've always preferred Mega Man 1 over 2, as well. Sure, Mega Man 2 might have added quite a few other things that have had a major impact on the rest of the series, but Mega Man 1 just has a certain charm of its own that no other game in the Mega Man series has, not even Mega Man 2.

  7. @AsianSteev

    I wasn't trolling.

    I was 100% serious about what I said. :/

  8. I'm seriously thinking about buying these, but I'm just not that big on guys like BombMan or FireMan. I keep looking at them trying to decide who I'd give a few of them away to. Hard to justify the $50. If it included a couple of characters like ProtoMan, Dr.Light, Roll, Yellow Devil, Mecha Dragon - I'd have bought it already.

    And man, MM1 has such a huge design flaw... it's the worst of the classic games in my book - which is fine since that means the following games were better, as one would hope.

  9. This is definitely something I'd like to buy, but 50 bucks isn't something I have at the moment. (And if I did, it'd got for one of three videogames out right now)

    But I have to say, first ten people get a free MM10 code? I'm sorry but that's really lame. Why? Because MM10 came out months ago. Anyone who'd be interested in buying these wall decorations most likely already HAS MM10 purchased. I mean I got my digital copy day 1. I can't imagine anyone having waited THIS long to get it.

    As for the talk of people liking other MM games over MM2. I'm with you all. I personally think MM3 and MM5 are far better games. (Heck I'd still take 4 or 6 before MM2) Mainly because I like Rush and I LOVE the slide. I'm so sick of this nonsense of him not being able to slide anymore. Look Capcom. MegaMan slides now okay? Now knock of the nonsense. I can see why they'd possibly disable the charge shot, but the SLIDE!?

  10. I would get these, but it doesn't look like they are the restick ones, so you can't move them and they might be a little hard to take down. I'd say thats a no go for an apartment.

  11. Amir, I hear ya. I used to like RM2 quite a bit, but now I'm just sick of it. There's only so much of the same game I can take before it gets old, ya know?

  12. Nice wall sticker, are they removeable?


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