Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Capcom Comic Con Panel Post

Although I personally am not at Comic Con, I'll be closely observing today's Capcom panel from the sidelines with the help of numerous PRC readers who'll be forwarding me updates as they come in. Mega Man Legends 3 info is anticipated to pop up during the event and maybe some MMU info, too.

I will be updating this post with any and all Mega Man related info as it happens. Check back often!


  • Audience is assembling; show will begin in twenty something minutes.
  • To reiterate, updates from the show will appear on both Unity and the Legends 3/DASH 3 dev room shortly after the event.
  • The show has begun... 
  • Nothing of note to report yet! Trailers for other games being shown.
  • Inafune is here among the panel's guests, if you're curious.
  •  Inafune takes the stage.
  • Talking about Mega Man Universe...
  • Reiterating everything we've known for a while; game based on MM2, you can make your own stages, etc. 
  • "Now you get to feel how hard it is to have my job!" -Inafune
  • Discussing non-Capcom characters in MMU.
  • "Do you like Mega Man Legends?"
  • No MML3 trailer today.
  • L3's subtitle, "Project", refers to Capcom's desire to make the game with you, the fans. 
  • "We need the help of everyone to make the Rocket to go save Mega Man!" 
  • "You're going to help me make this game a success..." 
  • Capcom Unity community will be involved.
  • "Boss characters wanted, voice actors wanted, ideas wanted..."
  • "Mega Man Legends 3: By the fan, for the fans."
  • Mega Man Legends 3 Developer Room liaison wanted. Interested? Shoot an e-mail to: 
  • Showing a trailer... BUT does not show any gameplay. Trailer features the development team tinkering away on the game. MML3 development started not too long ago, apparently.
  • Because the game is so early in development, it won't be ready to be shown in video form for a little while.
  • Inafune announces "Heroine Design Competition."
  • They are showing us heroine character designs from MM designers from the past. We will choose and vote which design will win.
  • Nine girls total. You can vote on them at Capcom Unity shortly. 
  • LIAISON DETAILS:!__announcing_the_mega_man_legends_3_developer_room_community_liaison
  • Shows over. 

Many thanks to Rockman Perfect Memories and readers Tom and RockX!


                                1. I can't wait for the DASH 3 info. Expecting very little, but hoping for at least a teaser trailer I can go crazy over.

                                2. I'm trying to find a live blog of this event (since live streams of Comic Con panels aren't allowed), but I'm failing miserably.

                                  Usually, NeoGAF would jump right on this.

                                3. I wonder if Blogger's comment timestamps are set to my timezone or another one... because it's saying this is over an hour old. No updates?

                                4. Knowing our luck, they'll probably wait until the tail end of the presentation to get to Legends 3. >_<

                                  Fingers crossed for new art to check out!

                                5. when discussing "Non-capcom characters in MMU" does it confirm any new characters or does it just discuss the possibility?

                                6. Holy frickin' crap.

                                  Signing up as a voice actor.

                                  Awesome idea!

                                7. Interesting...getting fans to design Robot Masters/Mavericks/NetNavis/EM Beings is one thing, but getting them to design Reaverbots, Bonne Machines, and the like? This will be quite interesting indeed....

                                8. Inafune's really on a web 2.0 kick right now.

                                  Don't ruin it, people.

                                9. Heroine? I don't get this at all.

                                10. Voice actors wanted? I may not be "professional" but I may give it a shot. You never know. One thing though, I hope they dont intend to cast an entire new lineup of voice actors. They simply must retain the previous voice actors. Understandably there should be new voice actors for any new characters they introduce, but please Capcom, get in touch and reacquaint yourselves with the previous cast! =(

                                11. Has anyone recorded that trailer they showed? Not only would I love to see it, but I'm forming a collection of any and all Legends 3 info since with so much fan involvement I get the feeling this games development is going to be interesting.

                                12. I want a crack at an audition myself. For years I have been dreaming of this moment--it'd be better than Broadway! :D

                                13. Things seem to be looking pretty good for Mega Man Legends 3. Mega Man Universe, on the other hand...not so much.

                                14. Voice Actors wanted? Where can I find details about that?

                                15. Roy:

                                  Either shoot an e0mail to or wait until they officially announce they're looking for VAs. I assume it'll be it's own event much like the heroine contests going on right now.


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