Friday, October 15, 2010

Mega Man Legends Meets Minecraft

It's a match made in heaven. Combine the "Digger" mythos of the Legends series with that of Minecraft -- the cult PC hit that's quickly taking the world by storm -- and you've got yourself a rather awesome concept.

Seeing the potential of such a concept, a small group of ambitious fans got to work on a Mega Man Legends mod for Minecraf. Incorporating textures from MML1 and MML2, the mod would allow players to explore the vast Ruins of the Legends series (alone or with friends online) on a cubic scale, Reaverbot action included.

Now, some weeks later, the "Block Man DASH" mod is complete and ready for download. It's a tiny file and, from what I've heard, is well worth the download. Do check it out if you're an avid Minecraft player and/or an MML fan. Click here to download!

More screens and info available via the Minecraft Forums.

Thanks, Joseph.


  1. Now thats just plain sex.

  2. Give everything you got! Support Megaman Legends 3! Make Keniji Inufane proud! Don't let Megaman Volnutt stranded on the planet! Bring him back and the new adventure begins! Let's go! Do your best!!!


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