Friday, January 29, 2010

Zero Collection Product Description Reveals New Modes

Online retailer GMStar's Rockman Zero Collection pre-order page has revealed two new modes for the upcoming game.

The first mode, Easy Scenario, is a bit scarce on the details, but according to what we have, it let's you play through all four Zero games with "All special weapons and systems are fully recreated." The second mode, Collection Mode, is a bit more interesting. Here, you progress through each game in the series and collect pieces of data which include:

Modification Cards - collectible illustrations that also modify various gameplay elements (e-Modification cards)

Character Card Collection - cards that feature various characters and commentary; an encyclopedia of sorts

Wallpaper Collection - Image and Concept Illustrations can be collected and set as wallpapers

Credit: Skylagoon


  1. Wallpapers? Does that mean we're going to have ugly borders? Lame if that's what it is.
    The two modes sound alright, I was hoping they'd put re-mastered tracks in it or something

  2. Forget about the "wallpaper" stuff for a minute. Did anyone else catch the blurb about the e+ Modification Cards being an in-game feature? This is something that is exciting to me. If an EXE compilation for the DS ever comes out, Capcom won't have an excuse to leave the Kaizou stuff out of it this time.

  3. Wow, I can't believe not too many of you guys are commenting on this. Great news!

  4. -_- You would have heard of that a long time ago if you read my email...

    I post it here:

  5. ^
    Err, that trailer makes no allusions to this newly revealed info.

  6. ^The modes are called new info in the article but the trailer alerady had them stated,I think it's the same with the modification part..

  7. ...All weapons and systems fully recreated? Are we ACTUALLY going to get the ability to use cross-game weaponry?

    On that note, the collection mode mods were briefly shown in the trailer, and quite a few people noted that they included the E-card images, so the basic gist of collection mode isn't actually anything new.

    But still, if collection mode's data includes things like info from the OCW and drama tracks, the Zero Collection will probably be worth it(unlike OSS).


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