Friday, January 8, 2010

More Mega Man 10 CES Footage (UPDATE: Direct Feed)

Same as earlier, but shows off the title screen, menus, etc. -- higher quality all around:

UPDATE- direct feed version; best quality yet:


  1. when it first showed Press A, i thought "are they using a gamecube controller?" then it hit me. that's probably the xbox 360 version.

  2. Hot. Hot, hot, hot. I NEED this to come out. Gaaahh!

    Still, the advertising focus on Time Attack Mode worries me... makes me think we're in for more short, speed-run-oriented Mega Man 9-length stages. Regardless, it'll be a great game, but I still would like longer stages... and PLEASE, two castles this time around. I really miss that. But it probably won't happen. :P

    Oh, that character selection screen? HOT. I can't wait to play the final game, argh! Third character has to be Bass... it better not be Roll.

  3. Looks like a lot of us were right on about the music. Several people pointed out that the second theme on the website was for the sports-themed stage, and I correctly guessed the menu music (which I love BTW).

    I'm really not feeling that title screen theme, though. It just doesn't come together for me.

  4. Hmm, the menu intrigues me...seeing how it's the 360 version, most of them are predictable:

    Game Start
    -Challenges List-
    Help & Options
    -Download Content-
    Exit Game

    The two remaining ones could be Time Attack and Endless Stage, but I'm really hoping for a multiplayer mode, seeing how the mini-bosses revealed so far seem perfect for such a mode(goalie miniboss, lightbulb miniboss, two phoenixes, castle miniboss).

  5. Speaking of the title music, the song sounds like it could be used for a stage instead. It could possibly be like MM5, where the title theme is actually the intro of Dark Man's castle theme.



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