Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mega Man 10's Easy Mode Gets Lampooned

A little exaggeration, but humorous nonetheless:

As seen on Dueling Analogs [Mega Man 10 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy].


  1. I think the video itself is sort of funny, particularly the end, where the boss room just contains Wily bowing in defeat.

    Some of the posters on the article (which I'm almost sure is a joke--especially the end "looks like it was developed for the NES"), genuinely seem to complain that there's the option for an easy mode, and that totally bugs me. It's not as if you're forced to play it, it's only an option. If you want to experience some more "hardcore" platforming action, just play the normal mode. I'd assume the easy mode is just for people who actually want to see the end of the game. There are some people who haven't seen the end of these games YET, for whatever reason, and I think it'll be a good way for the newer generation players (I guess this would also apply to me) to get the hang of it.

    But as it stands, no one is forcing the player to play the easy mode, therefore it's one of the dumbest things to complain about. I guess that's just people, but it just seems inane to me to complain about options.

  2. Why take issue with this? There have been easy modes in countless Rockman games by now, even in the classic series with Powered Up.

  3. I completely agree with you, JDA. :)

  4. Oh wow. I seriously lol'd.
    Yep, that's easy mode. XD

  5. I love that there's going to be an easy mode. Not for me of course, I'm hoping easy mode will teach my girlfriend how to play without throwing controllers again...

  6. It's not like it's the first classic Mega Man with an easy mode.

  7. I laughed at the video, particularly the ending. But it should be tongue in cheek - anyone seriously complaining about an Easy Mode existing is a silly person indeed.

  8. Guess what, Easy Mode will be fun for running and it's a good incentive for people who, believe it or not, are scared of Mega Man's difficulty.

    Remember, there's a HUGE audience of people who can't play, or won't play, something as difficult as this game, much less something like Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Heck Shmups, or any other games exalted for their difficulty but really lack any substance (on top of massive deficiencies in the fluidity of controls and versatility in combat or movement options).

  9. As I recall, the Mega Man birthday podcast showed the developers playing Sheep Man stage on easy mode, and they still died. Mega Man 10 might be quite challenging, indeed, on any mode.

  10. Fine with Easy Mode being an option. But if you really consider yourself a Mega Man fan, then you shouldn't even try it. That would be cheap.

  11. Quotes from Donkey Kong Country: XD

    You kids today! You don't have any respect for your elders!

    We never had movement like this when I was in video games!

    Back in my days, we used to have real game play...

    I bet they wasted half the memory already, just on this section alone!

    They can't keep this level of graphics up for much longer!

    We used to be lucky if we got three shades of gray, let alone any real colors!

    We used to have to survive with a two frame walk!

    Sometimes our sprites used to change size for no apparent reason!

    We never had any of this fancy 3-D stuff! Oh no, we had to survive on what we had!

    And what little we did have, we were happy with!

    That's right, 4 shades of gray, in a 2x2 character block, that's all we had...

    I can't play this game, the colors are all too rich for my poor old eyes!

    Why, even the bananas have more frames and colors than I had in the entire game!

    Look!...look at this!...as I rock, my beard swings! Waste of frames in my opinion!

    Aye! That was when we had real game play, that was!

    And this was developed with the latest state-of-the-art 3D work things, was it?

    The trouble with you kids, is that you're all too soft!

    The old games were far harder when I was a young 'un!

    We used to play for hours on a single screen game and think we were lucky, and we were!

    You wouldn't last two minutes in a real game!

    I could get through D.K.Country with only one life, easy!

    I'm talking about when games were games!

    3 lives and 3 continues, that's all we had!

    Games never looked like this when I was a lad.

    And we were much better off in those days as well

    Bet you thought this was 64-bit eh, boy?!

    I've got more game play in my little finger than you've got in this whole game!

    Y'know what they say, all graphics and no game play!

    32 mega..? That would be more than 30 games in my day, and they'd be great games, too!

    You know what's even worse? When you get to the end, and then have to start again!

    All this fun can't be good for you!

    You wouldn't know a good game if you were in it!

    A single joystick, and a single button is all that's needed to make good game play!

    I wouldn't be seen dead in a game like this one!

    I say you can't better the graphics, sounds and playability of a Game & Watch!


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