Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zero Collection, Mega Man 10 Details From WHF

The World Hobby Fair kicked off in Japan yesterday, and naturally, Rockman had a fairly big presence in the form of a new playable Mega Man 10 demo, and a couple of  Zero Collection announcements. Thanks to the eye witness account of Capkobun, and a translation provided by The Mega Man Network here are the details:

Zero Collection
  • Was formally announced at the event right after the OSS Survival NEO Net Battle tournament, with screens of the game shown. There was also a one page ad for it in the event pamphlet.
  • A promotional movie featured both artwork from the games and official character illustrations.
  • A new feature to called the Collection Mode for now was announced. Details about it are unclear, but it may be gallery mode to view character artwork and such.
Mega Man 10 demo
  • Unlike the CES demo, this demo featured both Strike Man’s and Blade Man’s stages playable to completion (though it’s not mentioned if they had Robot Masters).
  • Proto Man was playable for the demo in both easy and normal modes.
  • Strike Man’s stage midboss is called Goalie Keeper.
  • Blade Man’s stage midboss is a castle-like robot (as seen in the promotional video). Its eyes are its weak point, and when defeated it throws up a white flag.
  • 200 Mega Man 10 caps were given out to attendees.

The WHF is still going on, so expect more updates throughout the day. Stay tuned!


  1. I think that in Collection Mode you play all games in one gameplay. After completing Z1, you go direct to Z2. (and there is a final score that counts all games together :-O)

    I wonder if they will add extras, like a database for Z1 and Z2, like the ones in Z3 and Z4.

  2. Collection mode! I'm sold!

  3. Man, I'd KILL for a Mega Man 10 demo to show up on the Shop Channel sometime soon...

  4. I hope there's a vs mode of sorts like in MMZ2, though I never got a chance to try it to see what it was.

  5. "I think that in Collection Mode you play all games in one gameplay. After completing Z1, you go direct to Z2."

    That.. would be sweet. Though I hope 2,3&4 are still playable from the start XD; I never could finish off Copy X on the cart...

    Ugh, I can't wait for this, I hope it comes out in English. Though I may import it if it doesn't :3
    I suspect they'll remap the buttons to work like in ZX? The dual screen aspect confuses me though.. do we get the menu on the touch screen? yes?

  6. Well I hope that Omega Zero would be a playable Character

  7. Even though I'll probably end up getting this game despite having all 4 games, memories of Zero 3 and Zero 4 "100% runs" begin resurfacing. *shudders*

    Here's hoping to a GBA-slot bonus. :)

  8. I know this is probably asking too much, but I wonder if they'll throw in some bonus cutscenes or something that help tie the Zero and ZX series together?

  9. @Mike:
    Maybe that what's collection modes about. Who knows.

    I'm just hoping collection mode is minigames of sorts, that when you 100% them, you get a certain item or such in Z1, Z2, Z3, or Z4. Then again, i doubt it.

  10. The site now has the PV up, but also worth noticing is that they've changed the price from 4190y to 3990y


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