Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mega Man, 8-Bit Games Inspired New Toyota Hybrid Design

At the American International Auto Show, Toyota unveiled a brand new Hybrid car, the FT-CH Concept, who'se design, according to Toyota, was aesthetically based around 8-bit video games, namely Mega Man, Super Mario Bros. and Contra.

"The four-seat concept was designed by Toyota's European Design and Development center in Nice, France with an 8-bit mentality. That's not a put-down. It's actually the style that designers were going for with the FT-CH, and the press conference included references to Contra, Megaman and Super Mario Brothers."


"Toyota said the two-door FT-CH, 22 inches shorter than the Prius, is lighter and more fuel efficient and its styling, inspired by 8-bit video games popular during the 1980s, is intended to appeal to younger buyers."

Although I personally can't pinpoint what's so "8-bit" about this hybrid, (other than those fancy pixelated vents) it's pretty cool to know the NES Mega Man outings served as a visual inspiration.

More images of the FT-CH available at Auto Blog Green.

Credit: NeoGaf


  1. If they really wanted to make it based off the 8-bit games, they would have made it look like the Airship from Super Mario Bros. 3. :D:D:D

  2. 8-bit? I don't know. I do see some NES-era retro-futurism in it, kind of.

    I think I like it, though.

  3. Oh look. I made a Belgian waffle fashioned after Greco-Roman architecture. Do you like it?


    Yeth, it wath tathty.


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