Saturday, January 16, 2010

'Ruby-Spears' Mega Man Cartoon Stream Available For iPhone/iPod

Anime Network launched a new video-on-demand streaming application for iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices the other day, and the 'Ruby-Spears' Mega Man cartoon is being offered as one of the initial titles.

The $6.99 subscription to the app gives users 30-days worth of streamed content with additional episodes and shows being added on a weekly basis. The subscription also enables access to a few Mega Man-themed wallpapers for use with either device.

All in all, A pretty sweet (albeit pricey) deal if you're a fan of the show, more so if you've longed to take it on-the-go. For full details, download links and more, make your way over to The Anime Network here.

Thanks for the tip, Neko.


  1. That show was horrible it even killed people.

  2. @Anon1: I watched it in its entirety, and I'm still alive. :p

    Nice to see that RS-MM hasn't been forgotten by the media just yet. :)

  3. Your friendly, neighborhood Met.January 16, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    But, this isn't really anime...

    (Before anyone asks, I KNOW that anime is a general term for animation in japan, so this could be considered anime in a sense, but it was made by Ruby-Spears,an American Company, and has no real stylistic ties to anime.)

  4. Or I can just rip the DVD sets I have and import them over to my current media player and save my self some money

    Just sayin. Why waste money with something you can either easily obtain for free(or cheap) or have already


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