Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nice Jacket

Japanese fan-site Rockmania recently got a hold of a bit of a rarity: a Rockman team staff jacket.

This fine piece of swag (currently in possession of Akira Yoshida, Crash Man's designer) was worn by a Rockman staff member, who, based on the years featured on the jacket, likely had a hand in Rockman 1 and/or Rockman 2's development. (Hey, it might have even belonged to Inafune.)

Pretty sweet, no? I imagine this would fetch a pretty penny, but its sentimental value has got to be through the roof; unlikely Yoshida will ever part with it.

Thanks for the tip, Jay.


  1. Wow the should really start making more of these and start selling them =)

  2. Recently? Rockmania's had those pictures up for years...

  3. I'm 120% sure that isn't from Rockman 1. "Mystery of Dr. Wily" (Wily no Nazo) is the subtitle of Rockman 2.


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