Monday, January 11, 2010

Mega Man Fan-Film Met With Praise; Final Cut Close To Release

The MAGFest preview screening of the Mega Man fan-film was met with great acclaim according to director Eddie Lebron.

On the film's official blog, Mr. Lebron was pleased to announce that due to the test screening's success, the final, 107 minute cut of the film will premiere sometime within the next 3-5 months followed by an online version two weeks later.  A more concrete release date is said to be attached to an upcoming trailer scheduled to surface within the coming weeks. In the meantime, you'll have to make due with some old clips and a trailer or two at the film's official blog.

I don't know about you, but I'm actually quite excited to see the final product! Let's just hope that all goes well, and the film won't meet the same fate as Legend of Zelda fan-film, The Hero of Time...


  1. Nintendo shut down the Zelda fanfilm a little over a month after its release. I wonder how long it'll take Capcom to pull the plug on this?



  3. Capcom wont pull the plug, since unlike Nintendo, they are not dicks.

    Plus, if you guys remember, Eddie was actually contacted by Capcom, and told that they liked what he was doing. they ENCOURAGED fan works like his.

    because, see, unlike Nintendo, they realize that this will only serve to publicize the Megaman Franchise. (which needs help as it is.)

  4. Well, I'll make sure to see this as soon as it gets online. Unfortunately, I missed the Hero of Time while it was online. I didn't even. Know. =S

  5. Hopefully Capcom will grow a pair of balls and pull the plug on this. You see unlike Capcom, Nintendo knows that a pile of shit fan movie is a bad idea. And that them making money off of it is also bad.

    If they start selling tickets to this thing then Capcom would have a good enough reason to pull the plug on this. Other than the reason that it looks like a pile of ass.

  6. Okay... What's wrong with you Anony #2? First of all, you're foolish.

    Second.. This a FREE... FAN MADE movie. A tribute to Mega Man and their creators, if you will. They aren't making money for making this... Sure they went to MAGFEST.. But seriously? Schools sell tickets to things. You're going to complain about that?

    This movie is going to be released ONLINE. Which means you download it.

    And third. This movie looks pretty freakin' sweet. Who cares if it's not a cute, twelve year old chibi robot? Can YOU make a better Mega Man costume? I think it's rather imaginative.. And the fact they are sticking with the game's storyline, and explaining in detail the story, makes it all the better.

    Capcom, unlike Nintendo, isn't threatened by FANS of THEIR series, making TRIBUTES. > > Sheesh.

    ((Sorry, I get mad when people blast other people for trying something new, and creative.))

  7. i'm gonna watch the hell out of this movie, it's gonna be face melting.

    i think it takes a very dedicated person to do something like this - especially considering what his budget was, and how much he paid for it out of his own pocket. I doubt he'll make any money off of it, in terms of profit. truly an inspiration.

  8. also it says it's non profit on his website, lol

  9. @Anon2: I see you didn't read Flame's comment. Also, way to spit on everyone's hard work. >.>

  10. No one's making money off of this. Its going to be a free online movie.
    The ONLY money to be made, is selling the DVD's online, in which case, the only thing being charged, is the cost of the Disk itself, and shipping. NOT the movie on it.
    And if it looks like a pile of shit, then why are you here talking about it? Go away fag.

  11. NOOOOO!!! Roll looks terrible so is Rock's costume. I dont like Dr. Wily's looking.. His hair is not white and his skin is horrible.

    Dr. Light's hair is not white enough and he should be chubby.. not medium. It is going to be horrible movie.

  12. This is just one of these capcom movies thst are simply bad. I guess I'll go and see how it looks, but its going to be...BAD.

  13. While I don't agree with hwo the characters look, I think there's something to be said about the amount of effort Eddie's put into this. From what I hear the story stays pretty true to the games' story so I think that's a plus. Whether or not we like the concept of a video game movie, you really have to appreciate what this guy is trying to do.

  14. @Flame

    Holy fuck are you retarded? Spoiler alert, if they were to sell the movie on DVD it would be because they wanted to make money. The fan movie cost money to make, and they are going to want to get a return on their investment. And if what Mocho said was true, and it is being released online for free, then why would they need to sell a DVD? Profit.

    Oh and nice "fag" comment. I see you are the master of debate. I come to Protodude's Rockman Corner because I like Mega Man and it's a good news blog. I am not on Eddie Lebron's Mega Man film site.


    I did. My response was mostly a direct response to his.


    Your first and third points are terrible and just opinions. I am not foolish for voicing my opinion. The third point was just opinion. I think the movie looks terrible, and I am very much not alone in this. I don't need to make a Mega Man costume, because I am not cosplaying or making a movie. And I don't need to make a Mega Man movie, because I don't want to bastardize a series that I enjoy so much.

    The movie looks terrible. Sorry, that's just how I feel. Costumes, acting, everything. The game itself didn't have much of a plot. People played Mega Man games for the gameplay, not the story. Eddie Lebron may not be making a Hollywood film, but he is making the same mistake of making a video game film based on a game with little story.

    Everyone, go on and continue being hypocrites. I will continue to be vocal about my distaste for the film, and you go on and continue to be vocal about your support.

  15. If anything, I'll watch it for lulz. Though, I must admit, the more I look at it, the more interesting it seems. I'm actually kinda looking forward to it.
    Where should I go for downloads when it is released online?

  16. @anon#2
    Hah, you mad you were wrong about people hating this at MAGfest? And I liked how you reply to eveybody with little more with "lolno". As for you calling people "hypocrites", you use this word,but I do not think you know what it means.

    Also lol u mad?

  17. Clearly, Anon#2 has no idea what profit means.

    The numbers used in this will be made up and not actually representing anything, so don't go "LOL UR RONG THOSE AREN'T ACTUAL COSTS".

    A company manufactures a DVD for, let's say $7.00. Shipping tho the store is $0.45. So it would cost then $7.45 to make the DVD and send it to the store. But there's no profit. So they raise the price by $1.00, therefore making the total price $8.45. The store buys it, pays the $8.45 cost, and the company makes $1.00 in profit. The store then sells the DVD and raises the price by $1.00, making the DVD $9.45. Someone named Dave buys it for the $9.45 price. The store makes a $1.00 profit. Now Dave got it to put a movie on it for his friend, so Dave puts the movie on the DVD. However, since his friend will be the one owning the DVD, Dave wants his $9.45 back. So Dave charges his friend $9.45, the exact price he paid for the DVD. Dave gets his money, and gains nothing. So therefore, no profit. It is neither a loss nor a gain. The company and the store both gain a $1.00 profit. Dave gets no profit.

    Understand what profit is now?

  18. Slackerhunter (and anyone else) You should keep in mind though, (since you may confuse Anon 2 into thinking this guy is selling to stores all around.) Lebron will sell the DVD's online, he wont ship to stores.

  19. As far as I could tell, this looks like it's nothing more than the Mega Man equivalent of Dragon Ball Evolution, and needless to say, that is NOT a good thing.

  20. Well since we're all sharing what we hate, let me say what I'm sick of.

    1) People arguing in the comments about how others are or aren't allowed to express dislike. (likely just to turn around and hate on their least favorite MM series)

    2) When people declare that if you can't do better, you can't complain. I guess every single movie or video game ever released is 100% perfect, then.

    3) Waiting for this darn thing to come out. Just let us watch it already.

  21. Replace Dave with Mr. Lebron and the friend with whoever is buying the DVD.

  22. I could care less about any haters of this (although the positive reaction to this film, unlike The Hero of Time, is kinda awesome) . I think it looks awesome and I just want to watch the damn thing.

  23. @Anon5

    I did not mention MAGFest. I don't like the movie, I think it looks like a pile of shit. That isn't wrong, it's an opinion. I never said anyone hated this at MAGFest, I just said that others also hate the film.

    I said that you were hypocrites because of how angry everyone got when I said they didn't like the film. They are expressing their opinion, and I am expressing mine. I am the only one getting attacked for it though. Which happens to everyone that expresses dislike for the film on this blog.


    Okay, that was just a hypothetical. The film is being released online right? Mocho made it seem like that. Is there even being a DVD made? If so, I guarantee they will be trying to make money off of it. I am not vilifying Lebron for making money off of DVD sales, or the film at all. Which is understandable.

    I only brought up it making money because that would give Capcom a good reason to shut it down. Like how Nintendo did with the Zelda fan film.

  24. ^
    Lol, I know how you feel. I was attacked at a forum I go to for LIKING the film. There ain't nothing wrong with an opinion. The problem is, most people often forget that negative opinions are just as valid as positive opinions, provided they both give the same amount of thought.

  25. Hmm, that's weird. I could have sworn I commented on this earlier, but I guess I'll go ahead and do it again.

    Unlike most people, I actually agree with Anonymous, and I'm in no way whatsoever, looking forward to this movie. In my opinion, it seems to be nothing more than the Mega Man equivalent of Dragon Ball Evolution, and needless to say, that is NOT a good thing.

  26. wow, rockman fans always get so touchy over everything -.-

    now, I'm never going to watch this because I won't download it. That doesn't mean I don't want to watch it, it's just that I hate downloading stuff.

    Yes, we can have opinions, but I think we should at least see a PART of the movie before we either bash it or praise it to high heaven. It's not a rule, it's just common courtesy. This movie is really important to the people to make it, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to have people take a look at something you put a lot of hard work into and say LOL THATS CRAP.

    ...but no matter what, rockman/megaman fans always have to hate on something, so nevermind me.

  27. I strongly agree with Flame's and Mocho's opinions.
    (That does not mean I am completely against other's ideas...)
    I look forward to see the fan-made movie, and good luck! :D

  28. >_> I'm not saying your opinion is dead wrong... I'm just saying it's plain rude!

    Okay, so you think the movie looks crappy... So, you want Capcom to can it, and stop the people who spend MONTHS/YEARS of hard work go wasted? That's rather selfish.

    This FAN film will in no way affect Capcom, or the Mega Man franchise.. Come on.. It's a tribute to Mega Man. Not a crappy movie that some major company is making. Like the Dragon Ball one. These are just fans, showing their talent to make a movie.

    In all honesty, it looks way better then DB:E. @.@

    Thanks for agreeing '^_^'. Also, I'm arguing because this is a Mega Man thing. I am because it's about imagination and creativity, and freedom to make something fun.

    ((Which in no way will hurt Mega Man in anyway possible!!!))

  29. i like how everyone is arguing about the profit margin when it clearly says on the movie page it's a non-profit fan film

  30. I completely agree with Moncho's last comment.
    The movie isn't cannon to the series, it's fan material, it doesn't affect the actual series at all. If you don't like it, then just don't watch it but allow those that want to watch it that option.

    And before you go around stating how it's bad or terrible, how about you watch it first and then state an opinion.

  31. I agree with Mocho. So Capcom should shut down the movie because you think it looks bad? That makes no sense and is very insulting to the people who worked hard on it. Plus, Capcom won't shut it down; they've already given it their stamp of approval.

    But what's the point in criticizing a movie you haven't seen yet? Trailers do lie, you know. Still, if you think the movie looks bad, there's a simpler solution than encouraging Capcom to pull the plug on it: don't watch it! You're free to have your opinion, but don't ruin everything for those of us who want to see the movie.

    "I don't like it so it should be canned."

    You don't have that authority.

  32. Nintendo shut down the Hero of Time film, and had every right to do so. It is Nintendo's prerogative to protect their trademarks, even from well-meaning fans who just so happened to make the characters look bad. THIS makes Mega Man look like a joke, much in the same way that the Dragon Ball movie made DBZ seem like a joke. Whenever someone criticizes something like this, a handful of people inevitably respond: "well let's see you do better!". But the funny but true answer to that is, we HAVE seen better than this.

    Are any of the supporters of this film really fans of old school Mega Man? If so, look at this splash page and tell me something:
    If YOU had the budget, however small, to shoot a Mega Man film, would you cast an adult Asian male (not that race should have anything to do with it) as Mega Man, or would try to find someone a little bit younger who even vaguely resembles a real-life Rock?
    Let's try not to use this film's low budget to justify dumb, tasteless decisions. Mega Man and Roll are robots who do NOT resemble adults. If a Hollywood movie would do this fans would vomit, with with a fan film it's somehow okay?

    The second biggest concern of mine is Mega Man's costume.

    If your average cosplayers can do a better job representing Rock and Roll (albeit from a different series): (, what hope does this movie have of impressing Capcom? Eddie Lebron obviously had more money to spend on costumes than a lot of cosplayers do, and yet the Mega Man costume used in this film is more akin to Robocop than Mega Man. Again, if Hollywood epically screws something up there's hell to pay, but if a fan screws up on something relatively simple that could have have been changed with very little if any extra cost to the budget, it's OK.

    A truer Mega Man fan would have wanted to stay as close to the aesthetic of the series as humanly possible. This could have been accomplished without looking any worse for the wear. It still would have resembled a crappy fan film, just a fan film with more dignity in regards to these much-cherished characters. Trueness to the story be damned, if some cosplayers can achieve the illusion of being Mega Man better than the one you have in your movie, you're wasting your time.

  33. ^This man (or woman) speaks the truth.

  34. The "true fan" argument rears its ugly head. Fan is short for fanatic, someone who is crazy about something or undyingly loyal to it. How do you get crazier than crazy? More undying? There's no such thing as a "true fan." "Fan" isn't like "win;" there is no "epic threshold."

    I love the Mega Man series—all of it. I own many games. I can name most of the characters and tell you their stories. I love having pointless discussions about it. I write on fan blogs. I wait hopefully for more games. I am a fan, truly. The Classic series isn't my favorite, but it doesn't have to be for me to have an opinion of a movie based on it.

  35. Alright, YOU go find yourself some child actors who fit the role, and who's parents are willing to let some no name guy use them in a non profit fan movie.
    After all, they way you seem to see it, is all or nothing. So lets try and find kids who we can use, even though there are child labor laws in place, and it would cost him too much to find actual kids for it. because he would have to pay them insane amounts, give a certain number of breaks, and god knows what else they would dictate.
    Then, making the costumes look authentic. Alright. go make some tight fitting spandex for the actors to wear, with their undies out on top, and make it look really ridiculous.
    You really cannot compare Rock to Trigger. those are two different series, and Trigger actually IS a teen, so older folks work out for it. Plus, Trigger actually wears armor. I dare you, and I mean DARE you, to find me a few Megaman cosplayers, (classic Megaman) that DONT look horrendous.
    Also, they have the right to shut it down if they want, but they have no REASON. All because their characters look bad there is a reason? that outright kills freedom of speech media and whatever else have you. So now, people are not allowed to express their takes on things?
    Plus, if you ar so dead set against this movie, then why are you here complaining? go watch something you Do like then. maybe that halo movie thats supposedly going to come out would be more your speed. WHo knows. But dont just sit here and insult all those who LIKE the movie, and those who put very hard work into doing the best they could do.
    if you dislike it that much, go away, and leave us be. Dont just keep complaining.

  36. This Mega Man reminds me of the US covers of Mega Man and Mega Man 2.

  37. *Sigh* You know, I really, really tried not to get baited into this argument. I really didn't want to post anything. But with all the things worthy of facepalming in here, what the hell.

    First of all, I like campy stuff from time to time. Just because something is bad, doesn't mean it's really bad. Like others, I have no real opinion on LeBron's film yet, because I haven't seen it. Criticism is very unfair right now, regardless of what's on his site.

    Yes, ANON deserves to have an opinion against the film. And yes, some of the reasons are valid and part of me would side with them. Problem was, if ANON would have merely just stated from the beginning that ANON didn't like the look of the costumes or actor choices as the sole reason and left it at that, without continually needing to type "pile of ass," we wouldn't have 30 comments of bickering back and forth. As always, it's how you word stuff. Saying you don't like something is fine, but piling it on in a malicious way over something fan-made which isn't even completely finished or out is kinda sad and why ANON looked like a typical troll and got the comments ANON did.

    The problem more than anything is it's a piece of fan work and an artistic medium. No art goes without criticism, and rightfully so. But no one person has the same idea for a character, scene, story, etc. If we just did things the same; there would be no variety. I find it ironic that LeBron's version of Mega Man is being ridiculed here and ANON has this perfect ideal for Classic Rock. Because it seems like ANON isn't taking into account the numerous variations such as Captain N, Ruby Spears, Ariga, and most recently, Gerald de Jesus (, which all portray him differently. And you can't argue drawn works are a totally different medium than a movie, because they are both visual arts. True, some are campier, grittier, or downright dumber than others, but the fact is there are fans out there who DO respect the fact that somebody is imagining the character in a different way and being creative about it. Rather than saying any one of those versions bastardized the series more than that kid who said he liked the Blue Bomber because he's blue. That's just ludicrous, because fans and the official designers themselves have never stuck solely to the same original Inafune aesthetics. If you really think so, you aren't paying enough attention as a fan of the Classic Series.

    Thirdly, there has never been a GOOD video game movie ever, and there never will be. While I too wait for the day Jean Claude Van Damme gets an Oscar for his epic portrayal of Guile, why would you expect pure cinematic gold? Sad thing is, a fan who has a passion for a series like this probably will do a more faithful and inspired job than Hollywood could ever hope. Give it a chance before you berate it.


  38. ...continued from above...

    Fourthly, gameplay was never the sole reason for my enjoyment of Mega Man games. Please don't tell me why I like the series. It was a combination of that, music, artistic design, the character himself, some intangibles, and yes, the story, despite how little there continues to be. Because even with little story, it leaves enough open to the player's imagination. And in this community, there sure have been some imaginative theories. (I'm lookin' at you Cataclysm) Believe it or not, that can be a good thing and help translate into a decent script. This is not a true life documentary. It is fiction. Some creative leeway isn't harming the fabric of space, time and reality.

    And finally, Dragonball Z was already a joke before that US movie. And we all know that. [See: power levels over 9000, episodes that go nowhere, and pervy old hermits] And if you're using Evolution as your analogy, you obviously haven't seen "The Magic Begins" which is by far worse and the proper analogy if you are making analogies. ;p LOL

    Having to explain and defend posts like this make me want to leave this place altogether, and post in a classier place with better people. Like hardcore porn boards.
    (No offense of course, Protodude. The line just had to be parodied. XD)

  39. @Rock Miyabi

    You make some valid points, but you are assuming that all Anons were me. The one with the Dragon Ball Evolution and "true fan" crap wasn't me.

    First off, it is very fair to criticize the film. The trailers give off an impression. Lots of people will say "This movie looks like crap." when they see a trailer. Not only that, but there has been an annoying amount of delays in the film's production. That is something that even those looking forward to it can criticize.

    To be fair, I only said "pile of ass" once. I got more aggressive when flame decided "This guy does not agree with me, time to bring out the "fag" bomb." That, and he thought that Nintendo were dicks for stopping a bad fan film.

    For the costumes, I don't have an ideal design in my head. To be more specific, the problem I had was mainly with the Robot Masters I have seen. Elec Man looks awful, and Fireman I couldn't recognize until the flames came in. Cutman looks good from what I saw the a picture teaser. Gutsman too. I don't like how Roll turned out either.

    Classic Mega Man's costume doesn't translate well into a real object, or anything realistic. Most anime/cartoon/comic book things don't. That's why movies based on those things usually feature redesigns, but if that costume is iconic then you will get a large amount of negativity from fans. But Classic Mega Man is one of many video game characters that just is flat-out terrible in real life. The costume looks like tights and underwear, but from official art it looks like his outer shell sometimes. Other times he is wearing shorts and a shirt. Not only that, but you can't really tell his age. Mega Man as a kid doesn't seem appealing, and neither does an adult Mega Man. It's like Mario. He's a short plumber with appeal to children. Bob Hoskins isn't. Lebron's Mega Man seems like he is one visor away from a paintball tournament.

    As for Captain N or Ruby-Spears, I'm not much of a fan of those either. Ruby-Spears just was in the wrong era or had terrible executives. The originally had a style very close to Inafune's, as seen in the Wish Upon a Star OVA. They opted out for the new style because that is what they thought the audience wanted. To be fair, the past Mega Man boxart evolved from a grown man with a gun to a gremlin with an arm cannon at that point.

    I don't think it's fair to say that fan films are better Hollywood, even if you just think of video games. They are about on par really. Considering that Mega Man doesn't really have a story, just a basic plot for the most part. Those seem to be the games that Hollywood adapts for some reason. And the Legend of Zelda one was just bad. But looking worldwide, CG or anime movies based on games have generally been good. Which is something like Mega Man should be if it hit theaters.

    And I never said that gameplay was the sole reason you enjoyed the game. I am saying that people played it for that. Especially more than the story, considering it came from a time where most games had their story in their instruction booklet. If the gameplay is bad most people will not play the game regardless of their enjoyment of other parts of the game. It's the main attraction. It would be like buying a CD because you like the album cover but hate the music.


  40. ...continued from above...

    And the little amount of story in the Classic Mega Man games is deliberate. Every other Mega Man is more story heavy. Classic fans love trying to fill in the blanks. I do too, the Cataclysm theory was interesting. The Cataclysm flash from Bob and George was entertaining. Keiji Inafune dispelled that theory though. But for the Classic series, is there really much interest in the overall story other than "Why aren't they in the X series?" The only other thing seems to be Protoman's defect that will eventually kill him supposedly. Which, if I recall correctly, hasn't been mentioned again since the first time it was mentioned in Power Battles. Maybe Mega Man & Bass.

    Dragon Ball Z isn't really a joke either. Although there are some ridiculous moments, and very drawn out battles, it is one of the world's most famous anime/manga. The anime was drawn out as filler because of the manga still being drawn.

    But The Magic Begins is not an official movie, whereas DB:E was. Which is even more of an embarrassment.

  41. @The One True Anon

    Points taken, but certain things I just had to get off my chest. And I actually did think you were behind most of them. With shorter posts, you never get to fully explain your thoughts, so it's cool.

    I could easily debate some of your points more, but this thread is dropping, so I'll just leave things as they are. But your paintball comment left me laughing, because I did think that, too.

    The 'Dragonball as a joke' reply was more tongue-in-cheek, if you didn't catch my tone. I do totally agree with you on those points, basically said mine for laughs.

  42. @Rock Miyabi

    Oh, then high fives all around. Your gigantic two post comment made inspired me to make my own.

    Best friends forever.


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