Friday, January 8, 2010

New Mega Man 10 Footage Straight From CES

Hot on the heels on The Mega Man Network's MM10 demo report, comes some supplementary footage of the playable stadium-themed stage:


  1. It isn't very often I find myself saying this about a Mega Man game (which may sound strange), but this game looks extremely hard, even on the normal difficulty setting. I just can't imagine what it'll be like on hard mode. From what I'm seeing, even Mega Man 9's Super Hero mode pales in comparison to the challenge this game has to offer.

  2. Wow, that soccer ball seems really annoying. There must be a way around it...

    A little fear of mine is that the MM10 soundtrack will pale in comparison to MM9. MM9 set the bar pretty dang high.

  3. Nice to know I guessed at least one thing right - that song is, indeed, for the stadium stage.

  4. I'm just going to be the first to say it: that is one bomb-ass title screen.

    The title theme doesn't seem as solid as Mega Man 9's, though. But I can also barely hear it, so it's too early too judge.

    I WISH WISH WISH we could have heard the stage select theme, but that would involve revealing the sports-themed Robot Master's name, and I know Capcom ain't having that.

    But damn. The stage select themes are always one of the most interesting to me. They're always so short, but so catchy.

    Also, gotta LOL at that Yashichi just chillin' there in Easy Mode. I wonder if they only appear in that mode? Either way, it's too bad they seem to be abundant; I was kind of hoping for a random, weird, one-shot pickup like in Mega Man 1.

  5. "Normal" is the more difficult setting, so to be fair, that one is supposed to be the most difficult, unless they do Hero and Super Hero modes again. I think it's tough to judge a games difficulty based on a video... but I think they were definitely TRYING to make the stages harder, since now they don't have to worry about making them TOO hard, thanks to the Easy Mode to make it more accessible.


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