Thursday, January 21, 2010

Survival Net Battle Neo Footage

An attendee of the World Hobby Fair has come through with some excellent footage of the final decisive match in the Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star tournament 'Survival Net Battle Neo.' The tournament just wrapped up last weekend at Japan's World Hobby Fair where fans of varying ages competed to become the top Net Battler.

Check out the heated fight after the break...


  1. Talking about OSS, all comics are already available in the official site:

    Is there are translation available somewhere?

  2. Here you go, I just finished translating the second one since the first one was already translated.

    I'll get more when I get the time.

  3. It's kinda sad, the kid who lost in the finals REALLY sucked.

    I mean, wow, if I were in that tournament, I surely would have gotten really far, if that's what the competition is. :/

  4. @ Tayo - thanks a lot! keep up the great work ^^


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