Saturday, January 2, 2010

MM and MMX Official Complete Works Video Review

Mike Mertes has given an in-depth review for both Mega Man and Mega Man X Official Complete Works, covering largely everything you'd ever want to know about both art books. It's worth a watch if you're on the fence about purchasing either one or both books:


  1. Stop taunting me.

    I'm vacationing in Orlando, FL and have literally invaded EVERY comic book and anime/manga shop in the entire city. Only a single store even ordered the books, and that store sold out in a day. I had an easier time finding imported out-of-print manga than these damn books.

    I guess Amazon is my only choice.

  2. That ... was actually a good review. I wish more people did this. I wonder if CAPCOM will do a complete works book of the Battle Network series, that's what I am most interested in, although the original Mega Man book looks awesome.

  3. That's what I call a good review. Covered the books well and even showed us some of the pages in the books, which was very nice. It seems that amazon may be my last resort if I don't see these at the end of the week in retail stores.

  4. @Seiko:
    I had to order MMOCW from my local comic shop since they were sold out. Then I ordered MMXOCW from (since it didn't show up at all in the in-store database). Still waiting on both to arrive, alas. =P

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe an OCW for the .EXE series is underway now, which means that in all likelihood we'll see an English translation as a Battle Network OCW.

  5. This is a good review.
    Suddenly splashwoman's theme pops on in the background and totally switches my attention to his voice to the music.

  6. Call me weird, but I'm likely gonna wait till the books' priced drop below $20 before I pick up any of them.

    Just seems a bit too high priced, in my opinion. Especially when I was able to find the EXTREMELY rare Hokuto no Ken Kyūkyoku Kaisetsusho
    Sekimatsu Haō Retsuden (Fist of the North Star) artbook for only $15.

    If I could find a deal like that, then I'm hoping I can find a deal for one of these Rockman/Megaman Complete Works.

    If I have to choose one, I'd either go with the classic Megaman, or the Shooting Star Rockman Complete Works.

  7. I have a fairly big collection of megaman games but have never really considered having the art book. However this review has shown me how good these books are.
    *rushes to amazon for complete works or mm, mmx, mmz :)

  8. The EXE Official Complete Works is already out in Japan, and Udon has very blatantly hinted that they are bringing both the EXE and Shooting Star OCW's over one day.

    The MM and MMX OCW's are discounted on Amazon for about $25.00.

  9. if they made a mega-bn complete works, my life would be complete... yeah i'm a

  10. I caved and bought those artbook books. (Amazon has them for $26.39 each. I think it's the lowest price so far, as others would sell it for $39.99 unless you have a discount/coupon) Now I have the JPN and US versions. SOOooooo poor now. (Not to mention I just bought my school books....) Now to buy the new Megamix and Gigamix manga! There goes my wallet (bare in mind I'm buying the JPN vers)...

    I have yet to actually sit down and wander those the artbooks though (and compare the versions)!!


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