Monday, January 11, 2010

Auction - Copper Rockman Statue

Recently uncovered in a Yahoo! Auction is a fairly rare piece of merchandise in the form of a metal Rockman statue. The copper-finished figure was a limited promotional good sold at E-Capcom in very small quantities. Rumor has it there were only 200 or so produced.

Rockman here stands at approximately three-and-a half inches, and weighs around 3.1 ounces. The current bid? A whopping 8,500 Yen. Or $95.00.  Pricey, yes, but imagine how good this will look on your mantle!

Hop on over to Rinkya for the complete auction.

Credit: Gyro Man's Auction House


  1. I just love the gold/copper coloring on that figurine. However, even that isn't enough for me to pay $95.00 for a figurine, regardless of how rare it may be.

  2. That's not including all of the service and shipping fees that Rinkya charges in addition to the item price. It could put you well over 100 dollars total. Nice looking figure though...

  3. I'd love to get this. Anyone know if if they will sell to the United States?

  4. Hmm very tempting. I am unfamiliar with the site, which may make me not place a bid. I've already spent enough money on Mega Man items, whats 100 dollars more lol. Anyone have any experience regarding the site used for the sale?

  5. use, it's cheaper than rinkya. I bought over $800 worth of stuff through them last year and didn't have a single problem.

  6. Unrelated to this, but...1.4 Million hits and counting!


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