Friday, January 22, 2010

Mega Man 10 Achievements Revealed has gotten their hands on the official achievements listing for Mega Man 10. Twelve in all (worth a total of 200 Gamerpoints), the achievements are practically the same as those offered in MM9:

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  1. Heh... "Whomp Wily". That exact same achievement was in Mega Man 9. That pretty much confirms Dr. Wily as the final boss. Big surprise!

  2. Dammit! Wily playing innocent twice in a row and fools the group?? Cmon now!

  3. I really am starting to loath Capcom, or should I say, IntiCreates. Probably the same damn storyline as before. Without a doubt it will be the same gamplay as before. Not that it isnt fun, but dont we have ENOUGH classic games already? Make something new, Keiji. Mix up the memorable formula a bit. I was afraid of this. When he said he wanted to do much more with the blue bomber, specifically classic, I was hoping for something different. But this seems to be the same overused formula, over and over. Most regretfully the little ever-so-deep plots. Hopefully something more happens in-game.

  4. With this, we could probably assume that Hard Mode comes with the game somehow without the need of DLC; either at the Start or finishing the game under one of the two known difficulties. And that most of the Challenges have the same names.

    Superhero, Hard Rock, Mr. Perfect, and Headbanging are the ones they picked from the Challenge List to be Achievements that are new this time around compared to 9's. Mr. Perfect will probably be the most annoying one to get due to Time Consumption. Easy Mode is going to make this game much easier getting these Achievements. Probably better for a quicker and multiple stacked Unlocks, without having to play the game so many times for them.

    I enjoy how Mr. Perfect is there though, it's the one that stands out the most, and one of the most with the most points.

  5. Just because Wily's the final boss, doesn't mean he's necessarily the cause of the roboenza (although hell, he probably is). Perhaps Wily just betrays you in the end, after you take care of the "menace from outer space," whatever that is.

  6. @MegaMac

    It's not the same storyline. In Mega Man 9, Dr. Light created eight of his own Robot Masters that Dr. Wily took control of, and then he ended up framing Dr. Light, and making it look as if he was behind everything.

    In Mega Man 10, Dr. Wily spread the Roboenza virus, which makes robots overheat and go out of control (much like the Maverick Virus in the X series). Roll ended up getting infected by the virus, and Mega Man goes to Dr. Wily for the cure (but of course, he claims that he had nothing to do with it, which is obviously a lie).

    So, for the most part, the storylines are completely different. The only similarity is that Dr. Wily is disguising his intentions.

  7. Well, I guess the "Blue Bomber" achievement pretty much confirms this as being another short, Mega Man 2-esque title instead of the meatier, Mega Man 4-6-esque title I was hoping for. Damn... really disappointing.

    I have to say though, this list of Achievements being nearly the same as Mega Man 9 just reeks of a "phoned-in" quality. I hope this doesn't portend bad things for the game in general.

    Well, this is a bummer way to start a Friday.

    MegaMac --

    I have to agree with you. Suddenly I'm very worried that Mega Man 10 will be little more than the Mega Man 9 template with new bosses, stages, music, and story. Now that they'd scratched their itch to make another Mega Man 2 in Mega Man 9, I was hoping they'd take the chance with Mega Man 10 to make something a little more unexpected and experimental, even if all that meant was a longer game a lá Mega Man 3 or 5.

    And all this is coming from someone who's been seriously excited for Mega Man 10. I'm still excited but... I can't help but feel a little disappointed that things seem to be EXACTLY THE SAME as in 9.

    Mega Man 2 is so goddamn overrated, and that's the reason Mega Man 9 and 10 are so limited in scope now. I wish people worshipped Mega Man 5 the same way they do 2... it's a much better game.

    At least Mega Man 10's Robot Masters are a lot more unique and interesting a lot than Mega Man 9's mostly super-safe designs were.

  8. @MegaMac
    Playing Classic Megaman for the plot? I think the problem lays with you, my friend

  9. WHAT!? We better get some new challenges for us Wiiware users!

    but if they pull that "beat (insert boss here) under ten seconds" crap again, I'm gonna be really mad.

  10. @MegaMac:

    Name one idea that HASNT been used in any game whatsoever. If the answer is "none", well, then theres your answer. There's really nothing that would or could be different, since Rockman has used the same formula in every game, yet they are STILL all fun. Kill the robot master, get his/her power, go to another stage, lather, rinse, repeat. Also, it's a classic game. Look at megaman 1-6. None of them had a "deep" storyline.

    ... [/rant]

  11. Anonymous#1, I'd like to point out Wily playing innocent was a plot theme to Mega Mans: 2 when he feigned amnesia over his failed actions in 1, 3 when he feigned apologizing to trick Light and Mega Man to help him build Gamma, 4 when he blackmailed Dr. Cossack to appear to the public as an evil mastermind, 5 wherein he tried to cast the blame on Proto Man, 6 where he impersonated the illustrious Mr. X, &Bass when he proxied King to his agenda, before 9 when he retried his 5 trick on someone without a built in plasma weapon.

    I'm surprised anyone had any doubt.

  12. Wily never feigned amnesia in MM2.

  13. For the record, despite my previous rant I have no problems with the story (what I know of it) and Dr. Wily being the final boss. I'd probably have an issue with anyone other than Wily being the final boss -- he's too iconic not to be. Though exceptions can be made for this if they're really great for the plot (Sunstar, for example).

  14. So what if the achievements are the same? They were good achievements. It's not like giving them a different name would have changed anything. I wonder why people are all of sudden realizing that "hey this classic game is going to be exactly the others" when it seemed pretty clear that was the case from the beginning. Having different achievements wouldn't have changed that...

    What bothers ME is that there's no apparent distinction between easy and normal mode achievements. THAT is bad. Unless you can only get achievements in normal mode.

  15. I'm kinda hoping it's the MMVGB plot again.

    Yeah, sure, I mean Wily's there and all, but then suddenly, SUNSTAR.

    In this case, it could be Duo's rival bot, or Zero (not sure if want), Bass, or anything.

  16. @MaverickHunterAsh

    THANK YOU. I am SO glad to see that I'm not the only Mega Man fan on this planet who sees how overrated Mega Man 2 is.

  17. Aldo --

    Speaking of Bass, it REALLY worries me that he's not used as one of the Achievement icons. They usually represent most of the important characters (at least they did in MM 9), and him not being there... did they really drop the ball again? They WERE barely able to explain away his absence in MM 9, but leaving him out again is inexcusable.

    Note that making him the third playable character but leaving him out of the story would be just as bad. He's been established as a main character and Mega Man's rival since Mega Man fucking 7, and leaving him out of 9 and 10 (if they are) just reeks of Capcom having little care any more for the series' continuity.

    I really, really hope I'm overthinking things. I'm not even a diehard Bass fan, but I am a big fan of story continuity... yes, even in the classic Mega Man series. It's not so much to ask.

  18. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd have absolutely no problem if it turns out to be like Mega Man 9, but with new bosses, stages, music, & story. A new twist would be nice as well, but I'm perfectly satisfied with the whole "rinse and repeat" for Mega Man Classic (as long as it doesn't wind up becoming Madden '10). :D

  19. Here's my understanding of how it goes

    Mega Man : I bet I know who's behind this

    *goes to Wily*

    Wily : I didn't do it.

    Mega Man : ...

    Wily : I swear!

    Mega Man : Oh OK.


    Wow I didn't know people worshiped 5 like I did. Seems like most of the fans hated it. I did hope it was a bit harder though.

  20. It is possible to beat MM3, 4, or 5 in under an hour, you guys (and that's not counting MM9's take on pause screen/stage select time not counting). A bit challenging yes, but then it is a Challenge isn't it? Some of the MM3 extra "stages" consist of 1 or 2 single-screen rooms, for crying out loud. Mega Man 9 can be beaten in HALF an hour without too much trouble if you know what you're doing. And if Bass as playable is supposed to be a secret surprise still, then of course these Challenges shouldn't show his icon, that'd be an even worse spoiler than "Whomp Wily." Let's wait and see before we jump the bustergun.

  21. TAG -

    It bothers me only because Mega Man 9 was so short and basic. It was not a bad game by any means -- it was great -- but it emulated Mega Man 2 a little TOO closely, when I thought the best NES Mega Man games were the ones that were longer and meatier.

    What I mean is, not only did Mega Man 9 only have one castle, EVERY stage in the game -- except for maybe Wily 2 and 3 -- was incredibly short. Compare those stages to some of the longer ones from Mega Man 4-6 -- especially 6's multiple-path stages -- and to me, 9 (and 2) feel too short and straightforward by comparison. Mega Man 9 was a great game, but I really didn't like the idea of being able to finish it in less than 30 minutes easily, and I was hoping Mega Man 10 would not go down that same road. Unfortunately, it seems like it is.

    Anon above me --

    Yeah, Mega Man 5 is easily my favorite in the Classic series. It's the classic Mega Man formula in its ultimate expression -- gameplay, music, visuals, stage/enemy design, story, etc. were all in top (and sometimes their best) form. It wasn't perfect, but it was damn near it, and I just think it stands as a shining example of Mega Man Classic in its ideal form. I know what you mean about a lot of fans disagreeing, though. They're too busy with their hard-ons for MM 2 and 3 (both wonderful games, but overrated)...

  22. I thought about it, and I feel I may have jumped the gun a bit on the Bass thing. I compared the Achievement icons for Mega Man 9 and 10, and both showcase Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man, and all eight Robot Masters, plus Dr. Light (9) or Dr. Wily (10).

    But I'm not so sure the spoiler argument holds up. Him showing up as an Achievement would not spoil him as a playable character per se, it would only spoil that he appears in the story, and that wouldn't be such a big spoiler (they already spoiled that Wily is the final boss, for example). So I'm still a little worried when viewing the situation from that angle, but considering the Achievement icon patterns are very similar between MM 9 and 10, I'm not too worried about Bass being left out. They clearly wanted to use all eight Robot Masters, and Mega Man, Proto Man, Dr. Wily, and Roll (debatable) are all more important characters than Bass.

  23. So does this mean we can take Proto Man's helmet off?

  24. Krazy Monkey --

    Haha, no worries. Same goes to you! I'm glad too. :)

  25. - I wonder if there'll be a second castle to explore... or will MM10 be as short as MM9?

  26. @MaverickHunterAsh

    I agree with you. (not to mention MegaMan 5 was the first MM game I owned :)). All MegaMan 2 did was bring megaman into a more detailed light. It added things, made things better. MegaMan 3 continued this, adding Rush and the Slide. MegaMan 4 continued this by adding the Wire and the Charge Shot. MegaMan 5 added more detail to sprites and better play control as well as new stage ideas and concepts such as Gravity Man's and Star Man's (lets not forget Beat!). MegaMan 6 gave us even more detailed graphics, Rush Adapters and branching paths in stages. I shouldn't have to say anything about 7 and 8 because they both overhauled everything, as they should have. Then Capcom, after all their experience and progression, reverts back to the bare basics for nostalgia's sake. Thats cool, but now they are making a damn habit of it and turning the classic style into some "awesome, cool" gimmick. Not one person can deny that, lol. The classic series is now standing still, being milked when it could be brought into something new and amazing, though still familiar and fun. Can Capcom not get creative? Do they all have one track minds? Some of you say that playing MegaMan games for the plot is silly, but if I wanted to play a fun game without a plot, Id just bring out damn Checkers. Capcom has all these characters who we all love, all this storyline they had building up, ever so slightly to the point when anime was used to tell it, only to drop it and go back to the predictable formula that quite frankly, needs to stop. It was great for that games that used it in the past, the actual classics, but keeping up the 8-Bit downloadable title gimmick is nothing short of lazy. I wouldnt be surprised if MegaMan 11 was 8-Bit too. *rolls eyes*.


  27. Wonder if this means that Roll is the third playable character? She could just be there because you saved her by beating the game, but she could also be a playable character. Unlockable maybe?

  28. I just hope they add Bass as the third playable character but seeing the achievements it worries me a lot.

  29. Come on. Not again like Megaman 9... Achievements could be annoying. Bass is in Megaman 10 ? I hope so. He was absent in Megaman 9. GRIN!

  30. Here's a heads up, the Megaman 10 commandoman art poll is out

  31. MM5 is great, but sometimes it's too easy :/. I like MM6, since it can be challenging and not as "avoidable/predictable" as MM5.

    About the article:

    "Whomp Wily"

    *sees same MM9 achievements*


  32. Were you people really expecting new achievements for this?

    They basically came up with all the possible ones they could do in 9. Any new ones would just be some nonsense that isn't actually an achievement like pressing start at the title screen.

    There's really not much left to make new achievements out of the game.

  33. Wow, did the Xbox get so few achievements for MM9? The Wii version had a ton of achievements...

  34. I believe that the Xbox version had the same list as the Wii version, just that only a few of them were worth points.


    Take a look at this.

  36. ORKAL --

    Yep. You got it.

    @Anon... the last one:

    Yeah, this was announced last week. Hopefully it'll be neat, but I highly doubt it's anything Mega Man-related. Unfortunately, no announcement that high-profile would be. Mega Man's too niche a series at this point (sadly). It'll likely be a new IP, probably another FPS of third-person actioner starring a damn space marine and/or taking place in space/on another planet.

    If not that, it's a new Resident Evil spin-off or something. No way in hell is it Mega Man-related, though. And If I'm wrong, I'll gladly admit it... but I won't have to, sadly. :(


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