Monday, January 25, 2010

Mega Man: The Big Red Bomber

Reader Charles was cleaning out his basement over the weekend when he discovered this rather fun piece of Mega Man history:

Yet another phase of Capcom's Mega Man 15th anniversary marketing blitz, the blue bomber here graced packages of Big Red soda pop in the fall of 2003.  Apparently, the promotion featured a special offer that let you save $5 on upcoming Mega Man games, and a sweepstakes to win a trip to become a "developer for a day" at Capcom HQ. What a prize, eh?  I wonder what became of the winner...?

Now I don't remember seeing this particular promotion offered at my local grocery store, but I do recall memories of a similar promotion with ASAP Pop-corn. I still have that package lying around somewhere; I'll post it up when I find it!

Thanks, Charles!


  1. Big Red Buster? Yes please. xD

    om nom nom Big Red.

  2. lol, on the top of the page you can see the battle network 3 blue version and battle network transmission from the ninento gamecube.

  3. Hahahaha! Hey, I've had a case like that before! I tried to save it for collector's sake but I drank the whole case anyways. :)
    I always thought that it was so funny the fact that Megaman was shooting Big Red from his buster. It's "BigRed Guts" lol

  4. No doubt it´s just poisonous soup, what did you expect from a product with that image?

  5. I saw this at my grandma's way back when. Hilarious timing, since we never ever have Big Red. The one time she does... XD

    I so very much wanted to win that sweepstakes.

    And also... these captchas never cease to amuse me. "poost."

  6. You got:

    Blood Buster

  7. I'd tried Big Red once. I did not like it...


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