Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rush Marine Now On BlackBerry

The BlackBerry version of Mega Man Rush Marine has gone live, and is now available for purchase on a number of BlackBerry mobile devices.  The game will run you $6.99, and can be purchased off of your 'berry's on-device store, or from specialty sites like Bplay. A list of compatible devices and services here.

Still no word on an iPhone version, unfortunately.

Credit: PocketBerry


  1. Still no word on an iPhone version of this game I see.


    Though I suppose this is good for Blackberry fellas. X_X

  2. Lovely artwork altering for that logo. Its pretty good actually, now I wonder if they changed the game any, perhaps perfected it?

  3. Is it just me, or does the title/logo for the game (the one included in the post) look like a mash up of three different pieces of official art smashed together?

    MegaMan's expression looks like it's from the picture of him holding his buster, a picture made for MegaMan 8.

    The Rush Marine actually looks like a part of it was taken from Battle & Chase, from some of the Rush RoadStar's character artwork.

    Lazy Capcom bastards.

  4. Now more people can play this garbage.

  5. Even though I've heard about the lameness like no sound effects, underwhelming action graphics and crappy music, I still really want to play this. But I have a Google phone, which they seem to hate for some reason.

  6. Now if they port it over to Windows Mobile I'd be happy.

  7. iPhone version please. Even if it sucks, I still want to play it.

  8. Wh... Where are his legs supposed to be in that mock-up?


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