Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sigma Virus, Recreated In Plastic

Japanese blogger Blues is showing off a handsome recreation of Sigma's MMX2 wire-frame virus form, built entirely out of bits of plastic:

When I was younger, I found myself amazed by X2's ability to render the Maverick in 3D.  It was a true technical feat back then, all thanks to the CX4 chip.  The chip, and its subsequent 3D sfx, were used in Mega Man X3, too.

Check out a few more pics of the model here.


  1. Now THAT is awesome. The only problem I have with it, however, is that it's lacking in green, as it was in the game.

  2. the sigma thing is nice, but where the heck did he get those X figures, and do they come in Zero flavor?

  3. First thing I read was "Sigma Virus, Recreated". I was all like "For what purpose? ASIMO doesn't seem like a big threat to me" lol

  4. holy reploid!! that´s beautiful man!!

  5. @bowsersenemy:

    Those figures are from the famous RMX line by Bandai, and yes, there's a Zero variation or two.

  6. It's official;

    Smoking is evil. :D

  7. Careful Siggy, you'll get cancer.

    Even if you have no lungs.


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