Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cancelled NT Warrior Figures Up For Grabs

VendorMan's is currently offering, among other goods, three unreleased NT Warrior prototype figures: ElecTeam Mega Man, WoodShield Mega Man and AquaCustom Mega Man.

These not-so-common figures will run you $24.95 a pop. There's only one available of each, so if you want them, you'd better act quick!

For details on how to order, hop on over to VendorMan's.


  1. LOL, I put in the claim on all three about an hour before you posted this news. ;p

    Now if I can only find someone willing to part with Freezeman...

  2. Wow its just needs a paint job cool hope theres other figures like in EXE6 .....

  3. Dammit, Miyabi...I liked those...Sure I probably wouldn't have been equipped initially to be able to paint them properly, but I would've done it. D:

    I'd love to see finished pictures though.

  4. That's not HeatGuts. That's ElecTeam. HeatGuts actually saw a release in the first batch of NT Warrior figures, but we never got any other Style Changes.

    @Anonymous: They never did any figures from EXE5 or EXE6 since the anime never progressed past Axess in the U.S.

  5. @Anonymous Prime:

    Actually, I haven't and won't paint any of these prototypes. For some, I'm sure it defeats the purpose. If I had two of each, it might be something I'd try. But to me, since these are really rare figures (I only recall a maximum of 10 at most, if I guesstimated correctly, sold on eBay by the Sunny Side Up shop when the line was first leaked years ago), I really don't want to ruin them. My Burnerman and Shademan both still sit in their original unpainted glory. I'd rather they sit like that, to show that they are indeed official, unreleased figures.

    And Seiko, you're more observant than me, because I didn't even realize Protodude typed that until now. XD

  6. They all look cool, but could you a paint job. But for some reason I still want the original megaman exe figure.

  7. Geez!, it sucks as the videogame saga itself


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