Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do You Want Rockman Kubricks Sold Outside of Japan?

You remember those awesomely adorable Rockman and Blues Kubrick figures, don't you? Well, they're only going to be released in Japan for the time being, but Capcom USA is curious if you guys, the fans, would like to see them released elsewhere:

"If you watched the live Mega Man 22nd Birthday Celebration back in December, you'll probably remember these Medicom Mega Man Kubrick and BearBrick figures. The problem is, they're only available in Japan. Here's where you come in. If you'd like to see these figures come stateside, hit the comments!"

If this is something relevant to your interest, make your way over to Capcom Unity and drop a comment!


  1. Awesome, i want a Bass kubrick figure too.

  2. How about Capcom will allow OSS with Megaman Kubricks sold outside of Japan.

  3. While I think they're cool, it seems like a lot of effort to bring over something so frivolous... then again, as always, it's nice to see the big boys at Capcom and CoA care about what we want.


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