Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Time Has Come To Make Your Voices Heard!

Tonight, Capcom unveiled the much anticipated Suggestion Box, where you, the fans, submit suggestions/requests to the company.  Before the head-honchos hear what you have to say, a community-wide vote will be held to determine who's suggestion is best. The winning suggestion will then be reviewed at one of Capcom's internal meetings, and be considered.

That's right: if you want a specific Mega Man game to be developed, like Mega Man Legends 3, Mega Man X9, ZX3, Command Mission 2, etc., this is your big opportunity for Capcom to hear your demands!

Before you go all hog wild, please be sure to read the complete details here. Once you got that out of the way, you may place your suggestions into the suggestion box here!


  1. Looks like Capcom is finally hearing our ideas. Its about time!

  2. Ist want a playable BASS!

  3. I suggested that Capcom release a new, competent source-book similar to the one’s the Mega Man fans get with the Complete Works books. It would be great if it can contain more specific details about the entire Resident Evil franchise including storyline parts, characters, perhaps even prototypical versions of the games (Example: Resident Evil 1.5, and 3.5), concept art, interviews with the developers, designers, musicians, and perhaps more. You know, fan-service crap.

    Also, Mega Man Legends 3 bro. Dat shit don't die in me.

  4. I'm still waiting for an answer on the 3D ACDC Town map.

  5. @Anonymous

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If they leave him out of Mega Man 10 like they did in the last game, I'm going to rage like you wouldn't believe. His so-called "upgrade" from the last game (which he didn't even NEED) should be finished by now, so there won't be any excuse whatsoever this time around.

    Anyway, out of everything that was listed, Mega Man X9 is the only thing I care about. Like I said before, I just don't understand the appeal in the Legends series. I've played the first one, and it wasn't anything special. People claim that the second one is much better, but not from what I've seen in a Youtube video. It looked just as mediocre as the first one.

  6. Alright then, I want to see the next-gen Rockman X9 Inafune said would be an interesting idea. HD sprites and classic 2d. Co-op would be awesome with the differing playstyles of the hunters.

  7. Suggestions:
    Legends 3
    ZX 3
    Mega Man Powered Up 2
    Maverick Hunter 2 (with Zero and Counter Hunter modes).

    Rockman DASH & ZX Official Complete Works

    Mega Man game collections for Wii/PS3/360: Classic collection, X Collection (X1-8, GB1&2, CM and MHX), Zero & ZX Collection, Legends Collection and EXE & SF Collection.
    Classic with at least 18 of those games: MM1-8, MM&B, MMI-V, MMTPB, MM2TPF, Wily Wars, Rockboard, Soccer, B&C, SAR, MMPU, ...

    Mega Man 9 and 10 available in one disc for Wii/PS3/360.

    Mega Man Megamix OVA and figures!

    Captain Commando 2

    Power Stone 3

    Strider 3

    and others...

  8. I don't care if I'm maybe 1 of perhaps 12 people. I still want Command Mission 2. X9 more, but yes, COMMAND MISSION 2! More ! More Zero, More Axl! More Alia! More Sigma! More Palette! More Layer! *chants every other X character name...*

  9. An 8-bit Mega Man game w/ stage design utility on the DS.

  10. megaman legends 3 and powered up 2

  11. Finally! This suggestion box is great! Looks like we could get legends 3. Out of the 1st ten pages of suggestions there was atleast 1legends suggestion on every page.

  12. Good news i want a new character in Megaman not Bass/Forte he already played in SNES and GBA in the NA except the SNES console, i want King to be playable for a change..:)

  13. Mega/RockmanX9 that will make everyone happy, X8 is a too short making me want more of it.

  14. Hmmm... that guy already mention alot so I'll vote for Legends 3....

  15. Looks like the Zero collection suggestion from anon 3 was done faster then he expected... XD

  16. But I wanted it to be for consoles, not portables. Capcom didn't released many Mega Man games for consoles in the last years. Excluding collections, remakes and downloadable games (MM9-10), the Mega Man X: Command Mission is the most recent console game, and it was released in 2004...


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