Friday, January 1, 2010

Mega Man Arm Cannon Only Marathon

A group of fans are currently holding a Mega Man 1-9 marathon for Child's Play charity, and to make things a bit more intense, they're only playing the games with the standard arm cannon - no special weapons!  You can find the stream below, and if you're feeling generous, you can send donations to Child's Play via group's PayPal account here.  It's all for a good and worthy cause!

Live video chat by Ustream


  1. But what about the thingies in MM2 that can only be killed with Crash Bombs? I'm guessing that they'll use Special Weapons only when it's required to advance in the stage?

  2. Actually, I'm sure that the rules for the games is "they're only playing the games with the standard arm cannon - except when certain enemies/bosses immune to it disallows it."

  3. Well... in the Rockman 8 run they used the Rock Ball in the intro and Frost Man stage, not against the boss but through the level.

    Still, in the bosses fights the Rock Ball wasn't used.

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  5. Good luck against MM3 Wily, that's all I can say.

  6. Hi I'm one of the two guys who was playing during this marathon. Seems our conditions for the marathon got a bit skewed across the internet (I blame my partners initial mis-leading thread title on :P)

    The actual conditions for the marathon were mega buster only for bosses (except the ones that are immune to it).

    One of the purposes of this marathon was to show the fun and interesting ways special weapons can be used throughout the stages, something most people are rather conservative about (saving them for bosses) when playing Mega Man.

    So we've been getting a lot of comment about how we broke our own rules by using weapons in the stages, but it was actually part of the plan.

  7. becareful on de airman man even made a song about how hard he i don know i never played mm2


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