Monday, January 4, 2010

Rockman 10 Magazine Ad

Spotted in the latest issue of GameSide magazine:

Not very often a downloadable game gets a magazine advertisement, let alone a title that's nearly two months away from release. Great to see Capcom pushing RM10 early!

On a related note, the aforementioned magazine featured an interview with Rockman series composer Ippo Yamada who confirmed he has a hand in the production of the RM10 soundtrack. Yamada expressed his excitement with working on chip tune music once again (he previously composed a few pieces for RM9), and looks forward to Rockman 10's release.

Credits: GameSide online, RockMega


  1. It's nice to see that this game is getting the recognition it deserves. I, for one, cannot wait until this game is released. Just as I did with Mega Man 9 back in 2008, I'll be sure to download Mega Man 10 during the first day of its release.

  2. you know, i see some people say that $10 is too much to pay for MM9 or mm10, mainly because you're just buying an nes game. considering the price of used nes games, i'd say that $10 is fair price for a new one. granted, this is DD, but still. i myself don't think it's too bad. sure, you add on some cash for DLC, but IMO, the price is worth it for good old classic gaming like this. i'm glad capcom still knows how to make good games, even if they do it just for the money. it works.

  3. Anonymous, I think you've pretty much hit the nail right on the head. Honestly, I think it's pretty stupid how people complain that ten dollars is too expensive for an 8-bit game, when they costed a lot more than that during the NES area.

  4. And then there's the fact that the average NES game now being sold on eBay is $15 at LEAST.

    Though me personally, I'm not looking forward to Rockman 10, simply because of the 8-bit graphics. It was cool when they did it with RM9, but come on, now the novelty of it has worn off completely and just looks like laziness more than anything else.


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