Sunday, October 4, 2020

Mega Man Fully Charged Issue #3 Jonboy Meyers Variant Revealed

Via Previews World, we have a look at the third variant cover for Mega Man Fully Charged issue #3 drawn by Jonboy Meyers. It's due on October 28 for $4.99.  
You can check out the solicitation and Miguel Mercado variant for this issue here. You can also see the standard cover art here.

Don't forget to read our review for issue #2 if you haven't already, too!


  1. I love his little fangs, haha.
    Liking this one a lot more than the standard cover, but the Skull Man variant cover is also solid.

  2. if only the entire comic looked like this cover...

  3. BOOM! Studios: “How many variant covers do we need?”

    cover makers (idk what to call them): “Yes.”

  4. Not really feeling this cover, tbh.

  5. Can this guy draw the book, please?


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