Saturday, October 31, 2020

Boom Studios Spoils Mega Man: Fully Charged Issue #4 With Preview Pages

The third issue of the Mega Man: Fully Charged comic was released only a few days ago and Boom Studios didn't waste any time to release preview pages for issue #4.  However, not only did they release preview pages so close to the previous issue, they also chose to spoil the surprising reveal of issue #3 with little care or respect for readers. 
After the break, you'll find said preview pages, a few new cover variants and our opinion on this little debacle.

Let's start with a few cover variants. First we have a new variant for issue #6 drawn by Miguel Mercado. This issue is due on January 27 for $4.99. You can see the solicitation and the two other covers here.

Next we have a variant cover for issue #4 drawn by Jonboy Meyers. You may recognize Meyers if you are a DC Comics fan, known for his work on Superman to Teen Titans. Issue #4 is out on November 25.

And now we've reached the controversial part of this post -- the issue #4 preview pages. From here on out, there will be SPOILERS for issue #3 and #4. Proceed at your own discretion.

So there you go. Zero is none other than Suna Light
Were you excited to find out who Zero was? Did you have you own theories about it? Well, throw all of that into the trashcan because Boom Studios robbed us of the anticipation and excitement of discovering who Zero was for ourselves next month.

Regardless of Boom Studios' questionable move here, I do really like Suna Light so I'm happy to see her as something more than the sister in the background. However, I must question what is the point of making that big reveal in the last page of issue #3 to unveil Suna as Zero a few pages into issue #4. I think the writers missed an opportunity to create more mystery around Zero, perhaps making his reveal more impactful if it was done in the last issue of the mini-series.

I can only hope this is not the biggest reveal of issue #4. Otherwise... there is not much to look forward. But who knows.

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  1. What I think:
    Zero was Dr. Light's secret identity when he was younger, and now Suna is using her dad's armor?
    Suna created the armor based on someone that fought in the Hard Age?

  2. i have the same feeling

    The impatience to reveal who Zero was has been a pretty big mistake.

    I would have loved to debate with other fans about Zero's secret identity, for months, have theories and that the moment "LOOK WHO IS ZERO" would have been explosive

    well, at least Sunna stopped being a helper and is a true protagonist ... and we confirm that Dr. Light possibly never had biological children only droids

  3. HOLY CRAP. Suna is this universe's ZERO?!

    Her character just became a billion times more AWESOME!

  4. They didn't even have to do anything to sell people on the next issue and they went and did it anyways... by taking away the thing that would sell people on the issue.

    I don't know what's worse: Spoiling it in general, or going out of your way to release the material spoiling it at a time you hadn't released any preview materials before.

  5. Geez, someone at Boom needs a talking to. I think the promo guy didn't really know what was going on with this comic or he'd have put a black square blocking out Suna.

    So Suna's Zero. I guess it's a natural evolution considering she fought alongside MM as well as an evolution past the pure support role. It also makes sense thematically if you consider the angle "unity" between humans and robots. I guess I'll see how this turns out. I like that they're not just keeping the cartoon's status quo.

  6. I haven't followed Fully Charge since they introduced Namagem in the cartoon. Is there anything in the remainder of the cartoon series or the comic thus far that would make Suna's transition from Suna to Zero make sense? Or is this something extremely out of left field that would have to be explained in the rest of the comic?

  7. Maybe they knew this comic series was cancelled so they just cashed all their chips

  8. Zero made me throw up my hands and go "That's it! I've had it with this stupid comic!" I was at least hoping he'd turn out to be Bert Wily, but the funny thing about it being Suna is that it continues her habit of pulling powerful upgrades out of her butt, which is one of the only things this canon has been consistent about.

  9. I think it would have been nice if the writers made Suna into her own thing instead of using Zero. I would have liked to see an original armor design for her.

    1. Yeah that was kind of a "why would you do that" moment for me. Something similar to Roll.exe's design might have worked.

  10. Trash, comic is trash. Just my opinion. You'll never EVER find me supporting it. U.S comic book industry has fallen so freaken hard, heck U.S has fallen so hard (it's better to call it D.S actually) in general, especially when located in a cesspool like California (excuse my language not trying to disparage, just the only way I can describe industry and culture in places like that).

    What's wrong with continuing manga Capcom? Heck invest in it, don't wait for some random mangaka to make a fan comic that you license, straight up fund/develop/produce a manga project. It'd be a better investment than this licensed crap.

    1. It might work if they don't put a bunch of ridiculous stipulations like they have for some of the previous works they had a hand in.

    2. I agree with much of that. All in all, I am perfectly fine with the comics industry crashing. Manga is way better and doesn't purposely go out of its way to antagonize it's own customer base. Marvel, DC and IDW aren't going to last much longer, by their own hand and they earned it.

      Boom might last a while due to it's size, but of all the things they could have done to appease Mega Man appetites and make $$$, they chose this. I seriously question these peoples mental prowess. And I don't agree that high sales when you have a dozen variant covers is exactly a good thing. Variant covers don't increase your audience size, which is what's needed most. Distribution is going to be the key issue going forward...

      I've thought a lot about it. In my mind, Mega Man X is RIPE with mythology that would make one hell of an epic manga IF DONE CORRECTLY. It is the IN DONE CORRECTLY that's a problem. A good manga, done properly, could finally fix the series over arching issues into a solid, cohesive story. But it needs to be done in completion. Not half assed and not half way. Sadly I just don't see anyone pulling it off.

  11. Very ugly drawing... Thats not Megaman and Rush I know. Japan version is so much better.


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