Saturday, October 10, 2020

Mega Man Community Designs Now Available on For Fans By Fans

The community-wide Mega Man "Fan Forge" event has concluded and the winning designs are now available to purchase! You can grab shirts, hoodies, bags, and other fun, officially-licensed odds and ends featuring artwork from winners Hulkey, Borezet, Innovator123, and Larein and additional community submissions, too. Check out the wares here.

But wait! There's more! Use code MEGA20 at the checkout to shave 20% off of your order. Offer valid through October 22nd, 2020 at 11:59pm. 

There's a little something-something for everyone here, I think. Check it out!

Source: For Fans By Fans


  1. Damn, the Gatling Zero doesn't have a shirt. :(
    Think I might get that X and Zero one when I have spare cash.

  2. I need a mousepad. I'll take a look at what they have.


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