Saturday, October 24, 2020

Mega Man Fully Charged Issue #3 Preview Pages & Issue #6 Covers Revealed

We are a few days from the release of the Mega Man Fully Charged issue #3 and, thanks to Comic Watch, we have a preview. What's more, two covers of the final issue have been revealed. Check out all the details after the break!

Thanks to Previews World, we have our first look at the main cover of issue #6 drawn by Toni Infante and cover C drawn by Jorge Corona. The book is due on January 27 for $4.99 each cover.

Here's this issue's solicitation:

  • * It's Mega Man versus <SPOILER> in the action-packed series finale!
  • * Only family can save Silicon City, but will family be Mega Man's downfall? Or can they stop the Robot Army?
  • * Series Finale.

And below you can see the first 5 pages of issue #3. Principal 100100 is introduced for the first time in the comic book series, and Mega Man travels to the Badlands with Namagem to discover the Scavengers.

Did you pre-order issue #3? Let us know in the comments!


  1. It still looks like this comic's main problem is that it's a continuation instead of a reboot. No one has seen the show it's based on because it was a bad show in a Friday night death slot, so it's like this comic is for an audience that doesn't exist, for all intents and purposes.

    That's a shame because there are still good parts in this junk pile. If Bert earnestly admires his grandfather, maybe Dr. Wily actually isn't the bad guy for once? Or maybe he'll at least get a redemption arc like Lord Wily in the Battle Network games?

  2. Looks like wily got gamma up and running wonder if the head is meant to mimic the UFO just like in the games

  3. Makes me wonder what the next (if there is one) planned MM comic series will be. This one is just a six issue miniseries right? Afterwards will we get a new comic series by Udon, IDW or some other well known comic publisher, time will tell I suppose.


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