Monday, October 19, 2020

The Obscure Mega Man X6 PC Port Has Been Preserved

The official Mega Man X6 PC port published by Capcom Korea subsidiary KOKO Capcom in 2002 has been saved from a disc rot fate. 

Mega Man fan leamaycry located and dumped this obscure, lesser-known direct PC port to You can download it here. The file contains everything you need to run it on a modern day machine, including patch 1.0.0 already applied.

You can find more details on the game - its history, differences, and troubleshooting - below!


Released in South Korea on December 13, 2002 and in other parts of Asia on June 13, 2003.  Published by KOKO Capcom, Capcom's Korean subsidiary, in South Korea and published in other parts of Asia by Electronic Arts. However, Asian copies are very hard to come by.

This port is based on the PS1 NA and EU release. Development was handled by Multi-E/Multi-Enterprise, a now defunct South Korean company, who also ported the Korean version of Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X7 to the PC, another exclusive South Korean release. During development, Multi-Enterprise asked members of the Korean Mega Man community website HEAVEN ( to do a beta test for the port.

Over 200 bugs were reported in the initial test, and numerous other bugs were present in the second beta build. Originally, the Korean script was translated from the English script present in the North American and European versions of X6, therefore the same grammatical and contextual errors in dialogue were present in the Korean script, but these were also corrected in the beta test period. After a month of beta testing, the final product was released on December 13, 2002, still with some prominent bugs detailed in the Port differences, quirks and bugs paragraph below.

Port differences, quirks and bugs:

- Title screen from the NA and EU releases is present, not the JP one
- Neater text font for in-game and cutscene dialogue
- Credits song (I.D.E.A. by RoST) has better audio quality
- Voice lines missing from the NA and EU releases for the title screen, Maverick intros and X and Zero are restored
- Bilinear texture filter is applied if your PC's graphics card meets or goes over the system requirements
- Background music is missing from almost all cutscenes
- Character portraits do not have moving mouths during dialogue, only blinking eyes
- Opening FMVs do not scale properly on modern operating systems
- You can change the game speed with the F3 and F4 keys, F3 highers it, F4 lowers it, there are 5 levels of game speed from normal to very slow (1-5)
- Game will skip around sometimes, this is due to Frameskipping being enabled by default, press F5 to disable it. Because this option resets every time you open the game again, you need to do this every time you start the game
- Press F9 two times in game to go back to the title screen, and at the title screen press F9 two times to close the game
- Sub-boss in the Weapon Center/Infinity Mjinion's stage (Illumina) has a graphical bug
- Only predefined keys can be bound in the Controls menu
- Alt-Tabbing makes the game speed much faster than normal
- Game crashes and goes to back to desktop randomly but not often
- Windowed Mode does not render the game properly on modern operating systems

A few of these bugs are fixed by installing the 1.0.0 patch, found here: Install it by moving it to the folder where X6 is installed and running it.

After you installed the game, keep the ISO file mounted to be able to launch the executable file. To get the game running on modern operating systems, right click the game's executable file, click on Properties, click on Compatibility and set Compatibility mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or lower and tick Run as administrator.


  1. Is this legal?
    Not like I care as a pirate myself and not like I would report this post..but wondering for your sake

    1. Seeing as the PC port is not available to legally purchase in any capacity, it is what it is.

      This software is 18 years old as well.

      If there's an issues - and there shouldn't be - things will be taken care of accordingly.

    2. I remember getting flamed about playing the PC version of X7 after asking a question about it in gamefaqs. Everyone was accusing me of pirating when I actually bought the PC version. Good times lol

    3. This game being 18 years old just reminds me how old I am :(
      I remember being in collage anxiously waiting to go pick the game up day one.


  3. Huh, didn’t even know that this was on PC. Neat 👍

  4. There was also a Chinese version of this port, which I have. Also, I can provide Chinese, Korean and Russian X5 on PC.

  5. There was also a Chinese version of this port, which I have. Also, I can provide Chinese, Korean and Russian X5 on PC.

  6. This is pretty cool. There's also a Korean PSX release.

  7. Can the enhanced credit track be found anywhere?

  8. its neat that it's preserved but i still feel the x legacy on pc is possibly a better port of the game granted there could be some technical wizardry done to make this the definitive version of x6 but still neat to see it preserved

  9. Wait, what's this?
    Is this official? If so, Rockman World 2 had some strange changes in Korea...

  10. Lol, I've had a copy of this for years. I wish I knew it was in danger, I would have volunteered it.

  11. Eh whatever, X6 is garbage anyway

  12. I have Rockman Strategy and Rockman Golden Empire but RGE is a bootleg I was gifted years ago in the 90's. Are these titles in need of preservation?

  13. Amy news about the Megaman Legends 1 AND 2 Ports for PC?


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