Thursday, October 22, 2020

RIOBOT Rockman X Falcon Armor Has Been Delayed

Sentinel has announced that their action figure "RIOBOT Rockman X Falcon Armor Ver. EIICHI SHIMIZU" has been delayed from October to November due to unspecified quality and production reasons. If you need to refresh yourself about the figure's various details, you can do so here.

November also happens to be the same month that Kotobukiya's Rising Fire X model kit debuts, too. Let us know if you are planning on buying either one of them in the comments!

Source: Sentinel


  1. Did they finally notice the eyes were messed up? I don't know that I am gonna get this one. I think I might wait to see how it looks next to the Ver Ke figures as far as scaling goes. Even though I left all of them in the boxes so it doesn't matter. The price is a real downer here.

    I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with Koto Zero. HobbyLink Japan says it's "in stock" but I have yet to see any reviews or in stock anywhere else.

    I'm debating on the X Fire. I want to know more about the X Fire 4th armor to see what the bonus parts will be... I'd rather get the 4th if the bonus parts are the same. They won't be, but I can dream. I might get the regular Rising Fire just for something to do. Already per-ordered the others. I wanna make some custom parts for Zero.

    1. Its same scale as truforce.. check myfigurecollection page.

    2. I have the Kotobukiya Zero kit ... it's fine, but I'm not impressed with their models at this point, and personally will stick to Gundam/Bandai for now. Some HG Bandai kits are much higher quality (and sometimes less than $20) when compared to Kotobukiya's kits for 3x-4x the price. I'd rather spend $30-$40 on a new RG that I know is well-engineered and completely color-separated than spend almost 2x that price on a half-arsed Kotobukiya kit.

    3. I have 16 RG Gundam's so far. I've been trying to talk myself into getting the Impulse.
      I can tolerate Kotobukiya's run, at least for now. I want an Alia. But I don't expect the line to run much longer.

  2. Good for Sentinel. I love their figures specifically because they have such fabulous quality control, and this news confirms that.

    As for Kotobukiya, well ... their "quality control" doesn't meet my standards, so I'm good with what I already have from them.

  3. I don't mind the wait. I lack space for new stuff lol...

  4. I am having trouble switching the figure's arm, it would detach from the bicep instead of the forarm


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