Friday, October 16, 2020

New Rockman-Themed "Trading Card Game" Merchandise Announced

Once again Broccoli are releasing a bacth of Rockman-themed merchandise for those who play trading card games. There's rubber mats, card sleeves and card boxes to store you favorite trading card games in. Find all the info after the break!

Broccoli have been distributing these kind of items since 2018 when they started selling Rockman Classic Series and EXE Series card sleeves, mats and boxes. From there, they moved on to pretty much all the other series... barring Legends and Star Force. Now they're back with some really interesting artwork choices for items due this December.

First we have three rubber mats due on December 26 for 3,300 yen each, or roughly 27€ or $31. The size is approximately 520 x 370 x 2mm. They weigh 250 grams.

The first one called "Victory" uses one of the commemorative illustrations released during the Rockman 20th Anniversary (with a different background). Next we have "Roll!, Roll!, Roll!" which was used by Kotobukiya in 2011 on a mug and a jigsaw puzzle. And last, we have "Iris" which uses artwork from the X-Challenge score screen from the Rockman X Anniversary Collection.

Next we have four types of card sleeves. Each pack comes with 80 sleeves and they are made of polyethylene. They measure 67 x 92mm and are due December 19 for 990 yen each, around 8€ or $9.5.

The first two were released previously as a free wallpaper on the Rockman Unity App. We already talked about Iris and the artwork for Black Zero was first seen in Rockman Xover.

And finally, we have two card boxes: "Roll!, Roll!, Roll!" and "Rockman EXE 3 Black". They can hold up to 400 cards and include two dividers. The boxes meeasure around 225 x 105 x 80mm and 100 x 70mm for the divider. They are due on December 19 for 660 yen each, around 5€ or $6.

Right now you can preorder them from Hobby Search and AmiAmi.

Do you play any card games? Let us know if these items tickle your fancy!


  1. The card sleeves definitely look cool, but sadly, I highly doubt I'd prefer using them to matte sleeves. I reaaaaally want my sleeves to feel good when shuffling.

  2. I play the FF TCG casually. I already use MegaMan sleeves and playmats, even have custom D6's too. I'm definitely going to get the playmat with all the Megamen. Black Zero sleeves are pretty cool too.

  3. As the X-series obsessed fan that I am, I pre-ordered only the ones with X characters in them, Black Zero and Iris. Luckily they're cheap! I can see there's X and Red Zero too on Ami Ami, but they must be older releases and they're sold out. Too bad, I never heard of them.

  4. Uh, the Black Zero artwork is a recolor from Mega Man X Command Mission.

    Anyways, that Iris play mat looks pretty sweet, nice to see her getting SOME merch, at least (was a D-Arts figure really too much to ask?).

  5. Damn, I misread. I thought it was a Mega Man themed trading card game being announced. I didn't see the Merchandise part. I got hyped for nothing.

  6. I think the Roll mat is super cute! I'd definitely use it...

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