Sunday, October 18, 2020

Phantom Sigma Invades Rockman X DiVE's Deep Log Next Week

"Iron Maiden Cinnamon" isn't the only new piece of content coming to Rockman X DiVE next week.  
After fighting Wolf Sigma in late August, the second Raid Boss event is here and it's none other than "Phantom Sigma" from Rockman X4. After the break, you can find the trailer and a little more info about next week's update!

Unofficially we all know him as "Grim Reaper Sigma" but he will be called "Phantom Sigma" when he lands on the Deep Log. You can expect the event to last one week and the rewards will be similar to those in the first Raid Boss event -- an S rank character and an S rank weapon memories as the main attraction.

Third Armor X and Ultimate Armor X will deal +40 damage to "Phantom Sigma" and Tron Bonne, Cinnamon and Zero will deal +20 damage.

Next week's banner will be a weapon banner with the S rank spray weapon "Glittering Spark". We will have to wait until Thursday to know the full extent of the content update. However, you can bet the more juicy stuff is being saved for the Halloween event! 
Expend your EM responsibly next week!


  1. Cool
    So who's ready for round two?
    (Speaking of which, i wonder if we'll also fight uncloaked Reaper Sigma.)

  2. The artwork is very well done. I don't play mobile games, but i kinda appreciate following the news about it to see the various characters and variant they add.


  4. "Expend your EM responsibly next week!"
    I've heard the rumblings too, I don't explicitly know whats coming, but from the responses it could be good, & Halloween is round the corner...!

  5. can this game just release in the US aleready

  6. 1200 Elemetals for a skin? Are they nuts? That's more expensive than the gacha, and it's useless if you didn't got the character!


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