Thursday, October 1, 2020

Icon Heroes Mega Man Bobblehead Variants Revealed

Hey, you remember that officially-licensed Mega Man bobblehead from Icon Heroes, right? It turns out it's going to come in two additional flavors.

Big Bad Toystore have begun accepting pre-orders for two Mega Man 10-inspired variants: Triple Blade (Blade Man's special weapon) and Thunder Wool (Sheep Man's special weapon). Much like the standard bobblehead, these will set you back $29.99 a piece.

All three 'bobs are expected to ship within the first quarter of 20201. Click the links above to pre-order!


  1. I don’t wanna wait 20000 years

  2. The eyes definitely seem to be inspired by his Smash appearance...

  3. is that quick boomerang and thunder beam again?

    1. Triple Blade; Quick Boomerang is two shades of pink.

      The other one is supposed to be Thunder Wool, but it might as well be Thunder Beam because they're the same color scheme.

  4. And they're using the creepy Smash Bros. design... yeah, not for me.

  5. The Smash looks for the face tends to work better with the Smash proportions.

    The Amiibo looks great. This looks... uncanny.

  6. I never liked that souless super smash bros face.


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