Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mega Man Collection Plug & Play Console Listing Appears on GameStop

Arcade 1Up's upcoming Mega Man Collection plug & play console is finally nearing release. Maybe.

First unveiled at the beginning of the year, A listing for the mini console recently appeared on GameStop. However, there's no release date or an option to pre-order. It's likely we caught this page very early and those details are forthcoming.

As previously reported, the console features Mega Man 1-6, a wireless controller (a modified Sega Saturn mold), a rewind feature and save states. It will retail for $39.99.

We'll keep an ear out for more details. In the meantime, head to GameStop's page for more images.


  1. ...and why would I play this over the Legacy Collection again?

    1. Nothing.
      This item is meant for collecters.
      Now i still think Power Battle/Fighter would have been a nice fit.

    2. I'd be curious to know the input delay of this compared to the Switch version at least.

  2. this doesn't need eight buttons... why would this need more than two buttons?...

    1. Arcade1UP has one controller mold that they're using for all of these "plug & play" consoles.

      Instead of designing and manufacturing a different controller for each game: they designed one that would cover a lot of games, and will manufacture it in different colors.

    2. Because this probably isn't the only controller-console they're planning, and it's easier to design one controller and produce it with different plastic colors and software than to custom design a controller for every one of them.

    3. Most likely just using a generic mold that they plan to use for other game series collections. Making a controller specifically for one game is a waste of money. A catch all will do fine.

    4. The need for additional buttons is because of the mold they're using as well as the fact that if people read the leaked manual in a prior post, they would be aware that this device is loaded with emulators for a multitude of systems and that's why there's a micro SD slot on the back of the unit on the Gamestop page. Based on what I recall, here's all the potential MM games that can be loaded onto this device:

      MM 1-6 NES

      Rockboard translation

      MM&B Translated

      Xtreme 1&2
      BN 1-6
      4.5 translated
      Zero 1-4

      Genesis / Megadrive
      Wily Wars

      Overall, this has some fun potential as a licensed Megaman console of sorts due to being able to play 32-34 titles on it if it works as the manual advertised, while the actual Legacy Collections still offer things that make them worth picking up. The latency on the wireless mode as well as wired is what I'm interested in seeing, since who really likes delay in their action games?

    5. In addition to the above, this mini console will be expandable by adding your own games through the SD card slot, so a controller like this makes sense.

    6. Wait they're putting all that on there? I didn't know that.

  3. So it's Legacy Collection all over again? I suppose it's a nice collectors value item. I might buy it whenever. For those who don't own a Switch, Xbox, 3DS or whatever console(s) that MegaMan Legacy Collection was on.

  4. seems pretty cool for folks who somehow can't play the Legacy Collection, and I have good faith in Arcade1up because I've bought a couple of arcade cabs from them before and enjoyed them.....but yikes that controller looks gross

  5. I might have been interested in this if they'd put one of the arcade mega man titles on it. As it is, I own MM2 twice over so I'll pass. Hope others enjoy it though


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