Sunday, October 11, 2020

Brand-New Card System Comes to Rockman X DiVE

The Rockman X DiVE development team announced today that, beginning next week after the usual maintenance period on Wednesday, the game will have a brand-new system to power up characters and skills via special cards. Find all the info after the break!

While the trailer doesn't fully reveal how the system works, we can see that cards will use the same rarity system as characters and weapons: blue, purple and gold. You can equip up to three cards that will boost stats such as life, defense and attack. Cards can also power up the effect of some skills or even shorten the time required to initiate "active skills".

Cards can be leveled up and ranked up to increase your combat power and the cards skills. Judging by the trailer, the passive skills of some cards can only be activated when some conditions are met, too. This seems to be related to those colored icons every card has in the top left corner as you need a certain number of icons to activate the skills.

Cards appear to come in two classes: characters specific where you need a concrete character to be able to use them as they powered up that character specific skills, and more general cards that will work as buffs. You can store up to 100 cards and they can be sold too.

If you want to read some descriptions of the cards shown in the trailer you can do it in the Rockman X DiVE wiki.

This brings back memories of Rockman Xover, doesn't it? We will have all the details for you next week!


  1. If needed, This could be a good way to save some character skills that where previousely lackluster.
    If done poorly, this will cause more balance issues if needed.

  2. more junk to whale for. hurray.

  3. Please no triple gacha system PLEASE no triple gacha system


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