Friday, October 9, 2020

Record Breaking "Make Rockman" To be Released on November 5th

Gakken announced today that "Make Rockman" will be released on November 5th. What's more, the book containing the tutorials will be sold separately, too. Find all the info after the break!

"Make Rockman" has become the fastest project from the category "programing materials" to reach its funding goal on crowdfunding platform Makuake. This educational tool starring the Blue Bomber smashed its 1 million Yen goal in 40 minutes!

With ten days left to finish the campaign, "Make Rockman" has amassed over 11 million Yen. That's roughly 1098% over the founding goal. The initial 500 units were sold out in 16 days. Currently, the amount sits at 534 supporters which directly correlates to sales. As a reminder, this is not a traditional crowdfunding campaign. Rather, the campaign is being used to measure how many kits to produce. 

With the November 5th release date being official, it won't be long before all of those supporters get their hands on the kit.

Additionally, there is no need to buy the full kit if you own one of the previously released Artec Robo 2.0 devices. The publisher confirmed they will distribute the guidebook separately for 2,750 Yen which also includes a custom version of Scratch 3.0 and all the Rockman related assets. It remains to be seen if the software comes packed with the book on a disc or a digital download code.

The book includes the following chapters  plus a chapter called "game creator's work" to give readers some insight on the video game developer profession.

  • Stage-1 Rockman is here!
  • Stage-2 Let's make Rockman · 1 ─ Move! Rockman
  • Stage-3 Let's make Rockman · 2 ─ Jump! Rockman
  • Stage-4 Let's make a Rock Buster
  • Stage-5 Let's test Rockman's Endurance
  • Stage-6 Let's make a stage
  • Stage-7 Let's make a boss robot
  • Stage-8 Fight Air Man
  • Extra Stage Let's play the original game!

Unfortunately, it looks like the book is not sold outside of Japan but if you really want it, you can always use a proxy service to purchase it.

Below you can see a few sample pages from the book:

If you're just learning about Make Rockman, you can watch the trailer and read some extra info here


  1. Getting it would be interesting for a collector purpose, but it won't be much useful from it's intended purpose since it's only in japanese.
    So i'll pass. Definitely would be interested in a similar project in English or French. Either from them or another maker.

    1. There's a program called mega maker similar to mario maker.

    2. I know mega man maker. That's not the same thing. I'm getting into programing, so it would be interesting to have a programming learning kit based on my favorite franchise.

  2. What's with the MM11 style art for Cut Man and Fire Man.
    Is that new? What are they not telling us?

    1. No, not new. These were drawn during MM11's development to get a better feel of the art style they were going for.

    2. Ah. I can't trust my memory.
      It should totally be a thing, though. That would be cool.

  3. How cruel, making them face Air Man!

  4. I REALLY hope one day this gets translated to English. I would REALLY love to try this.
    Maybe some devs in Capcom USA can help translate it and bring some of that over to the west. But if not, that's fine...... We always have our own ways to make our own unique Mega Man games.
    Just would be nice to have though. Just some things aren't meant to be translated I guess.

  5. Dang! I didn't know crowd funded projects could go so quickly. I hope you guys who backed this have a lot of fun with it.

  6. 1098%? This is awesome. Mega Man is strong.


    Coming soon for the US and Canada!!


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