Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Make Rockman's Crowdfunding Campaign Ends Successfully

After 43 days, Make Rockman's crowdfunding campaign has ended successfully. What's more, the project managed to break a record for Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake. Let's check all the facts after the break!

As we explained previously, this was never a genuine crowdfunding campaign; rather, it was more a campaign to measure how many units they would produce but it had a minimum goal of 1 million Yen (approximately 8.091€ or $9.484) to enter full production. That goal was smashed in a mere 40 minutes after the campaing launched. Make Rockman instantly became the fastest project from the category "programing materials" to reach its funding goal on Makuake.

The campaign ended with 12,212,000 million Yen (approximately 98.401€ or $115.636) and a total of 579 supporters, which directly correlates to sales. While this is not a big number, this was always intended to be a very niche product, nor is it cheap. The main take away is that it was a success.

While it's unlikely the full package will be in production again, the instruction manual is available as a stand alone purchase for those who already have an ArtecRobo 2.0 kit. So at the end of the day, Make Rockman will generate more revenue beyond what they already received with the crowdfunding campaign.

Are you one of the lucky 579 supporters that will add Make Rockman to your collection? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Hopefully someone will write a translation for the book eventually, no?
    Still seems interesting. Glad they reached their goal though, nonetheless.

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