Friday, October 12, 2012

Several New Rockman Xover Details Emerge

The release of Rockman Xover could only be days away, so to no surprise, Famitsu has shared with us several new details about the game. All sorts of topics are tackled like Battle Memory, Armor Customization and -- surprise! -- the return of a classic heroine. Hit the jump for the lowdown.


Firstly, Kalinka Cossack will be making an appearance as the player's navigator. She's all grown-up, now 14-years old. Comparatively, Kalinka was 9-years old in Rockman 4. How all this fits into the established canon is up for debate, really.

Game Exploration

Moving on, the article has provided some details on how the game will flow.  You start out in the above screen where you are prompted to select an stage, each comprised of its own set of quests. Once in the stage, you can choose to manually jump and shoot (while automatically running forward) or opt for the controversial "Auto Play". And that does exactly what you think it does: the game plays itself, shooting and all.

Auto Play is recommended for players who want to progress through stages quickly... but if you want to collect items and upgrades, it's best to play the game yourself.

Battle Memory Card System

  • Battle Memory Cards produce certain benefits such as increased HP, attack and defense. Each card also has its own cost. Because OVER-1 can only hold so many cards, the combined cost cannot exceed OVER-1's capabilities.
  • Battle Memory cards can be obtained from clearing stages, or by simply purchasing them using Zenny.
  • There are five different types of Battle Memory cards: Fire (red), Ice/Water (blue), Wood (green), Electric (yellow), and Neutral (no element).  In true paper-rock-scissors fashion, different enemies are weak against different elements.

Armor Change System

  • Five different armors can be acquired by collecting five individual body parts. When equipped, these armors produce Battle Memory benefits, such as bonus "slots" and bonus "lines".
  • OVER-2 (Left): attack oriented. The OVER-2 armor gives you six slots for Battle Memory and improved attack power.
  • OVER-3 (Right): defense oriented.  Benefits were not specified... but it's got a big shield!

Master Bosses and Multiplayer

You can also find rare items in stages called "Map Parts."  Completing a map by collecting enough map parts allows the you to challenge a Master Boss.  Winning these battles will yield greater rewards.  Now, because these Master bosses are a bit of a challenge, you'll have the option to summon a friends' OVER-1 to help you out (equipped with their own Battle Memory cards and skills).  Working in pairs can yield better battle chips and items than solo play.... BUT the reward changes depending on each players' contribution in battle.

Speaking of friends, there's also a Team Battle Mode. You and some compatriots can join forces take down a unique boss in the middle of a quest. Oddly enough, the boss will not attack you; instead, it's trying to get away. Your goal is to defeat it in time before it flees the scene!

Team Battles can also be played competitively against another team. Here, one of your friends' OVER-1 is randomly chosen to be your partner. Your partner is controlled automatically and you two work together to defeat the boss before the other team. Successfully come out on top, you'll be handsomely rewarded with rare Battle Memory.

And for those lucky enough to have access to next week's Famitsu App Magazine, you can get equipped with a special OVER-1 Battle Memory card, usable in-game.  The code from the magazine will be redeemable until December 17, 2012.  So maybe the game isn't coming out next week after. Maybe. The only thing we can be certain of is it will land on iOS no later than December 17.

For more images, head on over to the source.

Source: Famitsu App


  1. So still for a "crossover" game every single boss we've seen is from the first X game and probably just reused from the iPhone X port.

    They couldn't even be bothered to like throw in Overdrive Ostrich or Volt Catish? They'd be in the same style at least so I really don't see why EVERYTHING is from X1.

  2. "Automatic controls".

    I shouldn't be surprised at all, but that still hurt me.

    And I can't help but pity Kalinka. After ALL OF THESE YEARS of not making a single new appearance, only to make an appearance in a game that is largely forgettable. Oh the poor girl.

  3. If only it would have had directional options and an exploring system for upgrades and items such as the other X games, I really could then say I would have had no complaint at all. The artwork and card system are all really intriguing to me. I'll still get the game, but hopefully an update or in the sequel they will give the player more freedom and options. Other than that, looks good to me!!

  4. I want to draw the wolf-like OVER-1, really badly.

    I can already see the "loyal fans" whining in the comments about the game and not staying on-topic.

  5. @First Anon

    Well the actual article has a screen shot of Cut Man so disregard my post there I guess.

  6. Hnnngh why does OVER-1 have to look so cool with customizable armor yet appear in such a blaaaaah game! D:

  7. @Zerker

    ... talking about the game isn't staying on topic? What??

    1. Whining, Anon. I said whining.
      As in, the thing everybody seems to do in the comments section for EVERY FUCKING Xover post.

      Talking about the game is fine, just don't go all whiny and bash the game.

  8. Please just kill it.


  10. She's 14? Man, she really got cheated in the boobs department...wait she's a robot, why does her age matter?

    1. Uh, Kalinka is not a robot. She's Dr. Cossack's daughter.

      As far as the game goes, I like the armors, though the fur collar still doesn't send me. I find it hard to get worked up one way or the other over this game. Even if it's terrible at launch, it may improve over time. Free to play games tend to have new stuff added frequently because it keeps people buying. Capcom releases updates for Smurfs' Village every four to six weeks.

  11. Awful armors!!! and Kalinka.....geez who´s next? the green biker dude??

  12. I wonder if there's a specific medical term for the compulsive need to belittle and shame everyone around you, no matter how small the offense.

    Anyway...I'm glad Kalinka's making a reappearance in the games (though sadly it had to be Xover...), but I'm kinda confused about the possible release date now.

    And to be honest, this game still doesn't look very good. At least we finally got a non-X boss in the linked article.

  13. @Rockman
    Kalinka isn't a robot. Kalinka is flesh and blood, like her dad, Mikhail.

  14. @Zerker: Loyal fans shouldn't be expected to blindly adore everything a company puts out. When something's crap, it can and should be evaluated as such.

    And we can whine all we want. Rockman has been treated terribly. Even if he hadn't been, we're all entitled to opinions.

    And no, you don't have to have played this game to find legitimate reasons to dislike it.

  15. I must own all the cards.

    Anyway let's see how CoA handle's Japan's constant promos and exclusives in magazines (They won't)

  16. So I see BN stuff now... only from BN1... As well as Classic 1 bosses.... Article reused old artwork for the iterations

    Still no SF, Zero, ZX or Legends stuff... God damn it Capcom.

    Should I expect all the shit to come from the 1st games of each now?

  17. @Zerker:

    Um, last time I checked, bashing the game is still being on topic.

  18. >Post about Xover
    >Complain that Xover looks terrible
    >Somehow off-topic

    Yeah, that seems logical to me

  19. Ehh... I still won't play this.

  20. If 14 is "all grown up," then most of us are ancient, I'd say.

    Still not impressed, Capcom.

  21. I guess Kalinka is a human, in that case, she really got cheated in the boobs department. Also, 14 is all grown up?

  22. 14-year old Kalinka is my waifu.

  23. Well, it seems the gameplay will not be as bad as Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, but it is still bad...
    I'd recommend it for people that like MMBCC and very easy games:

  24. I don't care what anyone says, this game is looking better and better, I'm actually a little excited. We have seen only one level of the game, based on this details it appears the demo is a really small portion of the full game, also KALINKA she is 14 years old! does this means 5 years have passed from rockman 4 to 10?

  25. Whoop-de-fucking-doo. Thanks Capcom for ruining my favorite characters in this travesty of a game.

    I remember I made a comment that I will keep an open mind and actually buy this "game" before I made my opinion known. I take that back. I have seen enough.


    So it sounds incomplete so far...
    The visuals are nice, at least in pictures.


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