Friday, October 19, 2012

Here's Another Xover Flash Game... Starring Bad Box Art Mega Man

Pretty much hot off the heels of Team Cutstuff's popular Rockman Xover flash game, Iragination is joining in on the fun with "Bad Box Over."  The name of the game says it all, really: it's Xover starring everyone's favorite Mega Man incarnate. Click here to play it!

As Xover continues to find itself the butt of jokes, you can't help but wonder if we'll be seeing even more fan games before the actual game launches later this month.

Source: Iragination


  1. That was actually harder than Cutstuff's.

  2. tbh I find Bad Box Art Mega Man adorable.

    Can't wait for Xover to actually be released, although the rest of the fandom seems to think the Mega Man franchise is going to die as soon as it hits Apple Stores.

  3. Why buy Xover when the fans can make a much better game? :P
    Although I wonder if it is possible to do multiplayer Flash games on PCs, or if players from the original will be able to find someone to join them in multiplayer due to its popularity...

  4. @Zerker: Can you see Capcom putting actual effort in Megaman games anymore? Seems pretty dead to me :P

  5. *violently facepalms* Really? Geeze. XD

  6. Wow, you actually had to do something in this flash game during a boss fight! Capcom should have made the original game's boss fight to be like this too.
    Well, fans are making better and better games...

  7. @Zerker We don't think megaman is dead when Xover hits, we think he's already dead, and this is just Capcom's sad attempt at ressurecting a zombie slave.

    What we need is for them to actually put effort and fun into his games so that he actually is ressurected.

    Also, you're a troll.

  8. Alright, having actually played this thing now, I didn't find it nearly as fun as the Cutstuff mock-up.
    - Killing enemies was absolutely pointless in this game, as it didn't give you points, items, Experience, or anything.
    - The charge shot was a bit overpowered, since it could blow through everything without stopping, but I did like the classic series-style charge better than the one in the Cutstuff demo, since this one was quicker and only had two charge levels instead of four (two of which were useless).
    - I didn't like the fact there were keyboard shortcuts for the keys, given this is supposed to emulate a touchscreen game.
    - I liked the fact you didn't just have to sit there and take cheap shots from Storm Eagle and could even attack him during his attack (almost like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga in a way).
    - I still don't like the mixed spriting styles. I never have and I never will.

    All and all, it's cute, but it falls short of the original product despite being "more like Mega Man" overall.

  9. If the gameplay mechanics of Rockman Xover are like this, I'll eat all my words about how crappy this game was. But, I don't have hope about that.

  10. hey, this is actually fun
    maybe if capcom did something like this

    considering this is the first stage, i think it would be fun having harder boss patterns, and normal enemies patterns too


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